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7 Players Who Are Not Good Enough For The NBA

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The NBA features the greatest athletes in the world, as well as some guys that have the most developed basketball IQ in the entire globe, and that’s one of the main reasons why this league is so competitive, exciting and hard to dominate.

Nonetheless, over the course of the years we’ve seen some players mightily struggle to settle and find their groove on a squad, and they seem to be so off and uncomfortable that’s pretty hard to imagine why on earth they’re still getting paid by NBA teams.

Some of them came from overseas and struggled to make the transition to the NBA, while others were just huge ‘what ifs’ that looked poised for stardom but wind up being merely flukes. Today, we’ll let you know about some guys that shouldn’t even be in this league anymore.

Bruno Caboclo


Caboclo was one of the main surprises of the 2014 NBA Draft when the Toronto Raptors drafted him 20th overall despite being a complete outsider that nobody even had much footage of, and that they could’ve easily gotten in the late second round of the Draft.

Seeming like a prolific prospect to become their offensive beast for the future, the 21-year-old has struggled to even see some playing time at all, spending most of the weeks in the team’s G-League affiliate without much sign of improvement.

Cameron Payne


Coming out of a small program, Cameron Payne seemed to be a very solid young prospect to become the Thunder’s point guard of the future, but after some huge inconsistencies in the offensive end and several nagging pain and injuries, they were more than ready to part ways with the youngster.

Now, Payne is one of several point guards in the Chicago Bulls roster, and he’s going to have a very tough time to overplay his teammates for the starting gig, considering he’s not even going to be able to play at the start of the campaign.

Marcelo Huertas


Marcelo Huertas, AKA Marcelinho, was one of European’s FIBA basketball top-notch point guards, but he was never able to find success in the NBA since signing a short term deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Huertas went from being one of Brazil’s leaders and an elite player overseas to just rack up dozens of DNP-CD’s due to his horrid defense, his lack of pace, athleticism and explosiveness, and he should just call it a day and go back to Europe.

Raul Neto

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Just like his compatriot, Neto just doesn’t have what it takes to succeed at an NBA level, struggling to improve on the offensive end and find some consistent playing time behind Dante Exum and George Hill.

And now that the Utah Jazz has also landed Ricky Rubio, things aren’t going to be much easier for a guy that was used to be a dominant defender at a FIBA level but hasn’t been able to replicate that success against stronger, faster and more athletic rivals.

Bobby Brown


The fact that Bobby Brown is still in the league after being one of the Association’s most lousy players at this point of his career still amazes me, especially considering he actually has a grand total of -1 (yeah, minus 1) win shares since entering the league in 2009.

Averaging 4.6 points, 0.7 boards and 1.6 dimes in just over 38% form the floor, the tweener guard has been as awful on offense as he’s been on the defensive side of the hardwood, playing for 5 different teams in his NBA failed stint.

Kyle Singler


Not so long ago, Kyle Singler was actually one of the most hyped prospects and it seemed like he could become one of the game's’ most prolific sharpshooters before entering a mediocrity spiral that costed him his starting spot and even his rotation minutes.

Now, the former Duke Blue Devil barely sets a foot on the hardwood as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and with Paul George set to rack as much playing time at both forwards spots as he can, expect the Thunder to either cut him or deal him on a salary release deal.

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AJ Hammons


And last but not least, we get one of the most terrible rookies we’ve seen in ages, AJ Hammons, a young center out of Purdue that wasn’t able to suit up for more than 22 games this past season in his debut campaign as a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

Averaging 2.2 points and 1.6 boards per contest, Hammons has looked slow, clumsy and rough, and we just don’t see him earning a spot in the team’s rotation despite their current struggles to actually dress up players with all the injuries they’ve been having.