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6 Players The Cavs Need To Trade If They Want To Save Their Season

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Fadeaway World

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the verge of disaster after a very subpar start of the season, even by their mediocre standards from the past, being the first time in LeBron James’ career that he’s lost 3 straight games by 15+ points.

Sliding down the stands due to a 4 game losing streak, the Cavs have looked pretty awful against mediocre teams like the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers, and even though the season is just getting started, it’s time to be worried at the Q right now.

Cleveland needs to try and convince LeBron James to extend his stay at “The Land” and this kind of dismal performances aren’t getting the job done, so Tyronn Lue desperately needs to find the answer and turn things around immediately.

If the Cavs intend to make another run in the East and take the Conference for the 4th straight season, there are some moves that they need to do as soon as possible, and today, we’ll let you know exactly which ones, trying to pair 2 or 3 of these guys to lure an All-Star to the Q.

5. Channing Frye


Channing Frye isn’t a very good basketball player and at his age, it’s pretty amazing to think that he’s still in the league. Frye is a lousy rebounder, a horrid defender and a unidimensional player whose lone value on the court is his - inconsistent - ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc.

The Cavs still owe him 7 million dollars and they should desperately try to move him in order to clear some cap space and make room for a better talent, especially considering he’s barely touching the hardwood this season.

4. Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert trade rumors

Not so long ago, Iman Shumpert was one of the best wing defenders in the Association and it seemed like the Cavs had landed a gem after that trade with the New York Knicks, but after several injuries, he started to rack DNP’s and is way below his former self.

Shumpert has been uncomfortable at Cleveland for a very long time and they’ve already tried to trade him so you know his value is quite low at this point, but being a high upside player when it comes to 3 and D, he could have at least a pair of suitors if they manage to build a nice trade package around him, bringing a younger, more energetic player to play alongside James.

3. JR Smith

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JR Smith has been a major factor in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ success ever since arriving alongside Shumpert from the New York Knicks due to his streaky shooting, ability to create his own offense and even very decent backcourt defense when he’s been locked down and focus on the court.

Nevertheless, an aging JR Smith hasn’t been able to make a true impact this season with mediocre averages of merely over 5 points per game, and with the Cavs still owning him over 14 million dollars, they should try to part ways with the troublemaker as soon as they have the chance to do so.

2. Tristan Thompson


Let’s face it: Tristan Thompson straight robbed the Cleveland Cavaliers out of a couple of good games and his good relationship with LeBron James, and he’s not nearly as good as they expected him to be when they handed him that very lucrative extension.

Thompson’s lone ability is his offensive rebounding skills, but he’s a non factor in offense and a very subpar defender as well, and with the Cavs deciding to roll with Kevin Love at center since the start of the season, they just don’t need a mediocre big man like the Canadian, although moving him is going to be quite difficult due to that contract.

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1. Ante Zizic and Cedi Osman


Both Zizic and Osman are very interesting prospects from overseas that may become very reliable and good role NBA players, as they both have a very high ceiling and upside and have proven to be very smart and careful with the rock in their hands despite their tender age and lack of NBA experience.

Sadly for them, an aging LeBron James just can’t wait for them to develop and reach their peak, so the Cavs should make the most of their value now that they’re young and have a lot ahead of them, and a tanking team should be quite intrigued to acquire both youngsters if Cleveland’s willing to take a bad contract like Noah’s or Chandler’s.