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5 Veterans That Want To Make An NBA Comeback

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Every now and then, a veteran player tries to make a comeback to the best league in the world after not finding a suitable deal for his talents and spending time overseas where they can dominate and get paid a lot of cash, or just sit down for the whole season while trying to work on their flaws.

And of course, this year won’t be the exception, as there have been several reports that state that some former NBA players are keen to go back and help a contending side reach the Finals or at least contend in the postseason.

Naturally, we couldn’t expect them to be nearly as important as they once were during their prime, but some of these fellas could actually be quite good additions for some teams needing depth and a veteran leadership.

Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 available veterans that might as well make a comeback at some point this season if they find a team willing to give them another shot in the Association.

Honorable Mention: Carlos Boozer

5. Baron Davis

Cleveland Cavaliers' Baron Davis celebrates a basket late in the fourth quarter of the Cavaliers' 102-90 win over the Miami Heat in an NBA basketball game Tuesday, March 29, 2011, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

AP Photo/Mark Duncan

Baron Davis has been trying to get back to the league for a while now, and even though he’s not going to be even half as good and dominant as he once was, his basketball IQ and playmaking abilities will be really welcome on any team needing of a second string point guard. Davis could bring experience, a physical presence and one of the smartest brains you’ll find on an NBA hardwood, so barring injury, he could really be back anytime soon.

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4. Stephon Marbury


Marbury has made some pretty bold statements recently, even telling the media that he has absolutely no doubt that he’s already a Hall of Famer. Well, even if we have a lot of doubts regarding this matter, we could take his words seriously on the other issue he’s recently addressed: his desire to go back to the league since being pretty much kicked in the butt for his lack of discipline and commitment.

3. Martell Webster


Webster hasn’t been in the league for a while now due to some constant injuries and his inability to stay healthy. Nevertheless, he’s a very talented shooter with a great stroke, and considering how few reliable players the league has at the Small Forward spot right now, the three-point specialist should have plenty of suitors willing to give him a shot. Of course, durability will always be an issue with Webster.

2. Josh Smith

Photo Source: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Source: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

According to several sources, Josh Smith is actually working on a deal to get back to the NBA with the Houston Rockets as we speak, but the team isn’t willing to sign anybody until the Carmelo Anthony situation gets cleared. Smith had subpar tenures with the Rockets and the Clippers before leaving to dominate China, but he’s always believed that his talent deserves to be on an NBA hardwood. Smith could actually boost the team’s second unit since they’ve lost Dekker and Harrell in the Chris Paul trade, so let’s stay tuned and wait how this turns out.

1. Nate Robinson


The former Slam Dunk Champion has been eager to make a comeback to the league for a very long time as well, and he’s even tried his luck in the Development League before heading to Venezuela to try and stay in shape and be ready for the last NBA stint. We already know what Nate can bring to the table, an instant spark off the bench, lots of energy and a streaky shooter to lead the bench, but his lack of size and questionable defense are going to make it difficult for him to go back.