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5 Teams That Wouldn't Make The Playoffs Even If LeBron Played There

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James has proven to be as good of a General Manager as he is as a player, constantly trying to surround himself with quality players to try and make a Championship run, either with the Miami Heat or the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sitting at the top of world basketball elite for over a decade, the King has completely dominated the Eastern Conference, especially over the last few years, although he’s only managed to win 3 NBA rings over his 14-year career.

Still, having LeBron on your team is pretty much a synonym to a trip to the NBA Finals, especially considering the fact that he has never had much opposition in the Eastern Conference and he’s never played for a Western Conference team.

But, even with Bron on board, some teams are currently going through a mediocre phase and not even the King himself could fix that mess, so today we’ll let you know about the 5 teams that wouldn’t make the playoffs even with LeBron James as their starting SF.

5. Brooklyn Nets

The Nets actually improved their roster a bit with the addition of D'Angelo Russell as their Point Guard for the future, while also landing a former teammate of LeBron in his last Championship, Timofey Mozgov, although they had to give up on Brook Lopez in order to do so.

Still, other than Russell (if he winds up being actually good and not just another flop), this team has absolutely no All-Star caliber talent and not even James could solve that mediocre team that’s going to mightily struggle to get back on track after giving away their future to the Celtics.

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4. Atlanta Hawks

The post- Paul Millsap in Georgia isn’t looking very promising, and it’s hard to imagine that this team actually had the best record in the Eastern Conference a couple of seasons ago when they still had Al Horford and Jeff Teague on board.

So, with Atlanta on the verge of a rebuild, LeBron would share the court with Dennis Schroeder, Thabo Sefolosha, Marco Belinelli and Mike Muscala, and with that spacing nightmare, it’s pretty sure that they wouldn’t go that far.

3. Sacramento Kings

The Kings are trying to build for the future and actually got some pretty good deals with veterans Zach Randolph and George Hill to try and mentor their youngsters Skal Labissiere and De’Aaron Fox.

Still, they don’t have enough proven talent on their roster nowadays and they’re extremely stacked in the paint. James could be the team’s facilitator with Buddy Hield playing as the go-to-guy on offense, but that wouldn’t represent many wins considering how young this squad is.

2. Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks have fallen short at contention over the last couple of years, and even with Rick Carlisle on board they’ve struggled to put together a decent squad, and with Dirk Nowitzki on the sunset of his career, James wouldn’t have it easy to thrive in the fierce Western Conference.

Still, Dallas has a very interesting squad for the future, but even with James filling in as their primary playmaker, we just don’t see this team going all the way in the West, and his arrival would mean the departure of either Harrison Barnes or Nerlens Noel to let Dirk shift to the 5.

1. Orlando Magic

Elfrid Payton, Evan Fournier, LeBron James, Aaron Gordon, Nikola Vucevic. Just picture this and try not to throw up in your mouth. With James on board, Gordon wouldn’t have enough touches to grow as the two-way beast we all expect him to do, while the lack of shooting from beyond the arc would make them the laughing stock of the East.

Frank Vogel is an outstanding coach, but he still struggled a lot to get anything going with this squad. This team has no identity whatsoever and not even James could make them contenders, so their best move from now on should just be tanking and wait until they land another Shaq O'Neal.