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5 Strong Reasons Why The Rockets Will Beat The Warriors


The Houston Rockets are arguably the best team in the Western Conference right now, even though their record isn’t the best, with the Dubs sitting at the top of basketball with a couple of extra Ws.

Even though the reigning coach of the year Mike D’Antoni has made great adjustments, and the team is set to make even more additions upon the arrival of veteran swingman Joe Johnson, who has already committed to sign with them as soon as he clears waivers.

Golden State has been the team to beat for over 3 seasons now and despite the great run they’ve had, we’re all kind of sick and tired of their dominance and would love to see anyone try and dethrone them.

So, as a matter of fact, the team better suited to do exactly so, are the Houston Rockets, and today we’re going to let you know the top 5 reasons why they’re going to beat Golden State this year.

5. Best Pick And Roll Team In The NBA

Both James Harden and Chris Paul are some of the best ball handlers in the world right now, and they’re deadly executing in pick and roll sets with their hesitation moves, quick first step and sick handles.

Also, Clint Capela’s surge has made him an elite big man in the Association, and he’s pretty much a walking bucket on pick and roll sets due to his strength, athleticism and ability to gain position over opposing centers.

4. Chris Paul Is Desperate To Make The Finals

Despite being considered arguably a top 5 point guard ever, Chris Paul has never been able to play in the NBA Finals, and that’s the main reason why he decided to leave the Los Angeles Clippers and play with the Rockets.

Paul has been extremely productive in both ends of the floor all year long, and we all know what he’s capable of doing when he’s locked down on the defensive end of the hardwood, and his determination to finally reach the ultimate stage will play a key role in this year’s playoffs.

3. Depth

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The Golden State Warriors have thrived with their very long rotations ever since Steve Kerr took the reins of the team, and it’s not odd to see as much as twelve different players a night suited up for the Dubs and play at least a handful of minutes.

Nonetheless, the Rockets’ bench is way more stacked and loaded with much more talent than Golden State this year, featuring defensive specialists like PJ Tucker and Luc Mbah A Moute, as well as some great sharpshooters like Eric Gordon and Gerald Green.

2. James Harden Is Tired Of Being Second

James Harden has been second in the MVP voting for two straight seasons but he hasn’t let all that kind of things and the constant playoff exits take a toll on his game, and he’s been improving his performances year in and year out, regardless of how impossible it may seem.

There have been a lot of doubters along the way and Harden wants to put an end to the harsh talk he’s gotten as a playoff choker from his Oklahoma City Thunder years, and this one is his best chance of doing so.

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1. Fast Pace

The Golden State Warriors have made a living off running the hardwood and shooting every single time they got the chance to do so regardless of how much time is left on the shot clock, something Mike D’Antoni has always thrived upon as well.

Houston has the kind of personnel to effectively run the court and all players (Except for Capela) are more than capable shooters that can just pull up from distance. This kind of uptempo offense is perfect against Golden State, as they won’t be able to outrun the Rockets.