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5 Serious Reasons Why LeBron James Should Sign With The Philadelphia 76ers

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Fadeaway World

LeBron James’ future is still up in the air and we’re likely looking for yet another thriller regarding an All-Star’s decision, as he’s pretty much a lock to opt out of his deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers at the end of the season.

Rumors point towards both the Lakers and the Clippers trying to make a push for him, considering he’s got a lot of business in Los Angeles and both franchises have the kind of money to pursue him in the offseason.

The Houston Rockets have also emerged as a possible suitor for the King, with Chris Paul already being there and Carmelo Anthony also reportedly on the plans to see if they can lure him with his friends.

Furthermore, James has even been linked with the Warriors, but we actually believe he should sign elsewhere: Philly. That’s right, he should just listen to the guys that bought some billboards in Cleveland and asked him to join the Process, and we’re going to let you know the 5 main reasons why.

5. Salary Cap Space

No-brainer here, the Philadelphia 76ers have a lot of young players in their ranks and most of them are still on their rookie deals, so they’ve got a lot of dough to offer the best player of our generation.

James is simply not going to sign for a team with no capacity of offering him a max-deal, and Sam Hinkie’s remarkable job has them in prime position to target at least one top-tier agent such as him this offseason.

4. Young Core

The Philadelphia 76ers are just thriving with young ballers, so James has the chance to play there for a very long time with the youngbloods carrying most of the load after having to do it all for the Cavs.

Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, Dario Saric, TJ McConnell, Joel Embiid and Robert Covington are a very solid core looking ahead, and with him not getting any younger, he’s got to go to a place where he can rely on his teammates for the long run.

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3. Eastern Conference

The Lakers, Clippers, Rockets and Warriors are all very good choices, but let’s face facts, there’s absolutely no reason why he should leave the Eastern Conference after having an easy way to the NBA Finals for most of his career over there.

All the best teams play in the West and that kind of competition may put an end to his impressive consecutive Finals streak (assuming he gets there this season), and he’d have a very rough path to the ultimate stage in the West regardless of where he plays.

2. Ben Simmons

We’ve already talked about the Sixers’ young core, but most importantly, Ben Simmons is the guy to look up to if James decides to join Philly, as a very similar kind of player with the skill set to become as good and dominant as Magic Johnson or LeBron himself.

Simmons has taken the league for assault and if James works out with him and passes him the torch, we’re looking at a perennial MVP candidate and one of the most impressive 1 - 2 punch in the league as two of the best point forwards ever.

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1. Legacy

LaVar Ball already called it: if LeBron James wants to make a case for himself on the James-Jordan debate, he needs to make every team he plays for an NBA Champion, and what better way to make a statement that taking these Sixers to distance?

Not so long ago, Philadelphia was the league’s laughing stock due to their tanking and so called poor scouting, and winning the Chip with not 1, not 2, but 3 different franchises as the team’s go-to-guy would make LeBron’s legacy even more remarkable and would definitely make a very strong case for the GOAT consideration.