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5 Serious Reasons Why The Spurs Should Trade Kawhi Leonard

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

The San Antonio Spurs have always managed to stay as a decent and serious organization that gets the best out of their players due to their fair treatment and consistency on and off the court, avoiding scandals most other franchises are always going through.

Nonetheless, there has been a lot of rumors going on this season regarding Kawhi Leonard’s situation, with the Spurs being extremely cautious about his recovery and keeping most information to themselves, with Leonard only making 9 appearances throughout the campaign.

Apparently, Leonard has also decided not to play and the situation is more and more confusing as days go by, and everybody’s shocked about this fractured relationship considering how humble and easy going Leonard has always been.

Well, as all good things come to an end, we actually believe San Antonio should just go ahead and trade him, and we’re going to let you know the 5 reasons why this would be the smartest thing to do for both parties.

5. Kawhi Is Unhappy?

You just can’t be successful when the best player in your roster isn’t happy about his situation, and if he just doesn’t want to be a part of the team anymore, he should be thought that no one can put himself above the organization.

Popovich is elite at managing his personnel on and off the hardwood, and if Leonard is through with the team, there’s absolutely no reason why to force him to be on a place where he doesn’t want to be.

4. 2019 NBA Free Agent

Leonard has a player option for the 2019 season and if he’s not happy with the team, he’s pretty likely to decline it and opt out of his deal to become an unrestricted free agent, walking away of the team for free.

So, if he doesn’t want to be at Texas anymore, it would be smart for them to get the most out of him while they still can instead of just losing him for nothing or watch his value drop as rumors go on and on.

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3. He’s An Injury-Prone Player

Let’s face facts, Kawhi Leonard is perhaps the most talented two way player in the league and his impact goes way beyond numbers, but he’s extremely injury prone and has only managed to make 9 appearances this season.

Out of 551 possible regular-season matchups, Leonard has only made 407 appearances throughout his career, constantly spending some time on the shelves due to different nagging pains.

2. Spurs’ Offensive System

Kawhi Leonard is crucial for the Spurs defense, and even though his offensive game has vastly improved and developed over the years, isolation sets hurt the beautiful ball movement the Spurs have always been known for.

Leonard is great in isolation, but San Antonio has always succeeded when they share the wealth and everybody gets touches in the offensive end of the floor, and he just hogs the ball and hurts their rhythm and offensive flow.

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1. Rebuilding

It’s finally time the San Antonio Spurs look for young new assets, as their roster is pretty much plagued with aging veterans of the likes of Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Patty Mills and even LaMarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay.

So, considering Leonard is a top-tier player, his value is extremely high and every team keen to get him would have to make a very interesting offer including several picks, young prospects and future assets for their rebuilding process.