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5 Reasons Why Lonzo Ball Is Special


Lonzo Ball’s opening week in the NBA has had its ups and downs. In the opening night against the Los Angeles Clippers, the Lakers got blown out, with Lonzo playing poorly against a very tough Patrick Beverley and finishing with just 3 points (1/6FG), 8 rebounds and 4 assists. His game against the Suns, the following day was incredible as he became the youngest player since LeBron James with a stat line of 25+ points, 10+ rebounds, 5+ assists. This summer he was selected as the no.2 overall pick in the draft and by many he could be a transcended player in the NBA.

So far in these three games Lonzo is averaging 13.3 points, 8.7 assists, 9.3 rebounds per game, but he has already shown signs of his incredible passing gift, his skills, his team game, his passion and character which is something rare and special in an NBA rookie who has played only four games in the association. Fadeaway World, brings you five reasons as to why Lonzo Ball is special and will be a future star in the NBA.



Unlike his father, LaVar Ball who keeps on making crazy predictions about his son, Lonzo remains humble. In many occasions, the 19-year old point guard has stated how he does not like talking about his game and he lets the game do the talking. He is a humble rookie who wants to learn from his elders, from the Laker legends, from the coaching staff and his teammates. Magic Johnson has also stated how humble he is, as well as that he is having fun in practice with his teammates, that he loves being in LA and is overall a great kid, raised excellent by his parents.

His character moving forward for the rebuilding Los Angeles Lakers will be a crucial factor, for his success but also for the team in general. He seems to be really honest about his performances, thankful for the opportunity he is getting in LA, down to earth and enjoying the moment and this is what the Lakers want for him.

Passing ‘gift’

Since his High School and UCLA days, the scouters from all over the nation have focused on one thing he has done exceptional over the years and that is his passes. The way he can pass the ball in the perimeter, lob to teammates but also throw long outlet pass on the spot from the other side of the court makes his passes perfect. Moreover, the most important part of his passing ability is that he sees and reads the play in his mind before it happens. This is something rare that a few players, like Chris Paul and LeBron James have in this league. He can dominate a basketball game with just his passing ability and how he makes everyone else around him better.

His transition game and the way the Lakers have played in these three games seem to be really important for him as a player but also for the team’s offense. He can pass the ball in transition on the spot for a lay-up or an uncontested three-pointer and this is exactly what Magic Johnson and Luke Walton want to see from him.


Lonzo’s mentality has always been about winning. Since his High School days with Chino Hills (no. 1 in the country) and UCLA, Ball’s winning mentality has helped his teammates and team win some basketball games and be one of the best teams in the competitions. So far, the Lakers are 2-2 as they defeated the Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards, and lost from the Los Angeles Clippers on opening night and the New Orleans Pelicans.

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The Lakers are in a rebuilding mode as they are young, they have youth, talent and inexperience but Lonzo so far is handling the responsibility of being a leader well, as he is leading his team on and off the court with his interviews regarding winning and that this is what the team should be focused on.

Love for the game


Since a very young age, Lonzo Ball has played basketball every single day. His love for the game is real and his goal is to become individually better every day. He loves working out with his father as he has been doing for many years now and will continue to do. Over the summer he practiced a lot on becoming better, on facing tougher guys, experienced NBA point-guards but also practicing on his floaters and mid-range shooting (something he did not do in College).

With Magic Johnson as a mentor, Lonzo Ball will learn from the greatest point guard ever, how he has to perfect his game and the areas he has to work on, like becoming a vocal leader, hitting his free-throws, posting up smaller defenders and others to become a star in this league. He has the skills, his talent is there, he loves to work and play the game and so he could very well be really impressive in the NBA for the years to come.

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At just 19-years of age, Lonzo is already the leader and the franchise player of the Los Angeles Lakers; one of the most historic teams in the NBA and is willing to be for the years to come. His skills, his mentality, his love for the game, his passion, his honesty and character to go along with his youth make him one of the most exciting young NBA prospects in the NBA.

This year the goal for this Lakers’ team is to consistently improve, become better and win some basketball games. For Lonzo the goal is to become the stable leader of the team, help his teammates, make the team better and win the Rookie of the Year award this season.