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5 Reasons Why LeBron James Should Leave The Cleveland Cavaliers

Fadeaway World

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LeBron James is considered to be the greatest player of his generation, a top 10 basketball player and even the greatest small forward in the history of this beautiful games, but none of that has been enough to keep him out of constant controversy.

James’ ego has always gotten on his way and his relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers has never been quite good, mostly because he believes the team’s general management needs to make him a part of every single decision they make.

Naturally, when things don’t go James’ way, everything tends to heathen up a little, and several reports state that the King has had it with “The Land” and is more than ready to opt out of the last year of his deal and just pack his bags and walk away again.

Obviously, most of this reports come out of mere speculation, but with this one being a true possibility, we actually believe he should go ahead and do exactly so, and we’re going to let you know the 5 main reasons why he should leave Cleveland.

5. Roster


LeBron James is playing in his 15th NBA season and doing things he had never done before, posting averages of 27.4 points, 8.7 rebounds, 9.1 assists, 1.4 steals and 0.9 blocks on 54% from the floor, 36% from three and 73% from the line.

Nonetheless, he’s on the verge of turning 34 years old, while Kyle Korver, JR Smith, Jose Calderon, Jeff Green and George Hill are no teenagers, so he needs to find a team that’s able to surround him with young talents to make his career last as long as he hopes it does.

4. Lack of Defense


The Cleveland Cavaliers are 29th in defensive rating, with only the Phoenix Suns having a worse one than them, and those woes on the defensive end have bit them in the rear all season long, suffering blow out after blow out between their impressive performances.

James is a terrific defender come playoff time, and he’s a hell of a facilitator, but he needs way more than just shooters around him in order to take the team to the highest level, and the Cavs don’t have a good defensive minded personal right now.

3. Better Shot At Another Ring

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

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Cleveland is a good team. Heck, it’s a great team, at least offensive-wise, but they’re not Championship bound, even if the Toronto Raptors wind up choking and the Boston Celtics are banged enough to leave them a clear path to the NBA Finals this season.

Truth to be told, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Houston Rockets, the Portland Trail Blazers and even the Los Angeles Lakers will give the King a better shot at another NBA Championship, they’re younger and more likely to dominate basketball scene for a very long time.

2. Front Office


The Cleveland Cavaliers’ front office has already made it quite clear that they’re ready to move on if James decides to leave the team, trading for young players in Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr and Rodney Hood amid their major roster overhaul, as well as owning the Brooklyn Nets pick.

If we add Cedi Osman and Ante Zizic to the mix, it seems like the Cavs have left the door wide open for LeBron to leave, and after a long history of feuds and disputes between the King and the team’s front office, he should just let them know that they need him more than he needs them.

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1. Legacy


LaVar Ball has already called it: If LeBron James wants to shut everybody’s mouths and be considered the unanimous greatest player of all time, he needs to get a ring with all the teams he’s ever played for, and he might be onto something, as it would be extremely difficult to argue with that logic.

LeBron’s on and off-court impact is undeniable and will last forever, but if he wants to finally settle the argument between him and Michael Jordan, the best way to do it would be to lead three different franchises to the ultimate stage, so he needs to leave the Cavs to do so.