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5 Playoffs Matchups That Everyone Wants To Watch


The NBA is finally back and even though there’s still a lot of games ahead of us, most fans are already looking forward to the playoffs, especially considering how much things have changed throughout the offseason.

With several contending teams adding more firepower or getting their starters back, we’re just so hyped about this upcoming season, and we just can’t wait until playoff basketball is finally back in town.

We are not the only ones who are excited, online sportsbooks have already started taking action on who will be in the playoffs, and since online sports betting is now legal in several states (Visit USA Betting for a list of states with legal sports betting) maybe you can get in on some of the action as well.

That’s why today, even though we’re still months away from it and we don’t even know how the teams will be seeded at the end of the regular season, we’re going to talk about the 5 playoff matchups every fan dreams about watching this season.

5. Eastern Conference Finals

Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers

(AP Photo/Michael Perez

(AP Photo/Michael Perez

The Philadelphia 76ers are keen and desperate to get another look at the Boston Celtics, even though if they feature Kyrie and Hayward after Brad Stevens’ boys got the best out of them in the 2nd round of the last playoffs.

The Sixers are getting better by the day and both teams look poised to rule the Eastern Conference for many years to come, so with the bad blood between both of them and two rosters featuring some of the most talented young ballers in the league, we just can’t wait to see them go at it in the ECF.

4. Western Conference Semifinals

Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder


When the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder face each other, everybody knows their about to see a shootout. Both teams are built to try and dethrone the Warriors, and even though neither of them is likely to accomplish it, they’re both loaded with top-tier ballers that may pull an upset any given night.

Furthermore, this year may give us the chance to watch Carmelo Anthony get back at the team that waived him this offseason, while the Thunder would be desperate to prove how better they are without him bricking mid-range shots.

3. Western Conference Finals

Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors

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This one is the most likely scenario in this year’s Western Conference Finals, and we would love to see a rematch between those teams without the referees interfering with the outcome of this series as they did the prior campaign, while also having the chance to watch Chris Paul healthy to ball against the Dubs.

Even though we believe there’s no team in the world that can actually contain the Warriors upon DeMarcus Cousins’ arrival, we firmly believe that the Rockets are the team with the biggest shot at an upset in the West, mostly because of the way D’Antoni has built the team’s roster just to matchup against the Dubs.

2. NBA Finals

Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors


According to Vegas, this is the most likely scenario in the NBA Finals, so yes, we wouldn’t be watching LeBron playing at the ultimate stage for the first time since 2009. Furthermore, it would really give us a matchup between the two most stacked teams we’ve seen in a while.

The Celtics are loaded with young talents to go along with Horford, Irving and Hayward, and look like a dynasty in the making thanks to Brad Steven’s top-tier defensive system. On the other hand, we find the most dominant team of the decade and arguably basketball history, so you know this one’s going down to the wire.

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1. Western Conference Finals

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors


Even though this one’s an unlikely scenario, I think we all agree to the fact that is the playoff series most fans look forward to this season, especially considering how heated things got during their last preseason matchup when Lance Stephenson was ejected.

The Dubs have always gotten the best out of LeBron James and even ran him out of Cleveland after beating him 3 times in 4 years, so we all want to see if the King’s able to get back at them with this youth-filled roster. If he’s able to take them to the WCF, and if he’s able to lead them past the Dubs, he’s going to be right back in the GOAT conversation, and he knows it.