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5 Players That Could Help LeBron James And The Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers got off to a dismal start of this campaign, and just when it seemed like they had finally figured things out and were on the verge of a great run, Derrick Rose started to consider his future in basketball due to “growing tired of being always injured”.

So, with Rose out at the moment, the Cavs have been left in quite a predicament, being very shorthanded incapable guards that could actually help this team leapfrog and go back to the 1st place in the Eastern Conference after Kyrie Irving’s departure to play for the Boston Celtics.

Currently sitting at a 13-7 record, Cleveland could use more help than they’re getting out of an inconsistent JR Smith, an out of shape Iman Shumpert and a washed out veteran like Jose Calderon, while they’re also kind of lacking depth at the 4 as well.

With Tristan Thompson sidelined, the team just has Channing Frye as a suitable backup at the 4-5 spot, and that lack of depth can really bite them in the rear come playoff time, so they need to make several moves right now if they want to stay relevant, and today we’re going to let you know about the top 5 players they should pursue on a vet min deal.

5. Boris Diaw


Diaw is currently overseas playing in his native France, but it just feels like the former San Antonio Spur still has a lot left on his tank and could be a major productive asset for Cleveland with his ability to run an offense on a Draymond Green kind of way.

So, if he wants to win yet another NBA Championship and compete at the highest of levels again, he could be a very interesting addition for a team that values spacing so much like Cleveland does, and they don’t even need him to play more than 17 minutes per game to keep him fresh or the postseason.

4. Brandon Bass

Brandon Bass NBA

Brandon Bass is far behind what was expected out of him with that kind of physique, but even though he’s not a dominant force down low, he’s a more than capable backup big man that could provide a much needed punch in the glass for the Cavs.

Brandon is currently playing in China and he could really see with great eyes the possibility of coming back to a Championship contender. His career averages of 8.7 points, 4.5 boards and 0.6 blocks per game in 21 minutes per contest make “the Animal” a prime candidate for the shorthanded Cavs without having to part ways with any asset in return.

3. Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries nbaaa
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Well, this one could be kind of tricky, considering his past with the Kardashian family and the fact that Tristan Thompson is yet another victim of the Kardashian curse (something Humpries is no stranger to), but if they can keep off-court issues aside, he could be a very productive asset.

Humprhies is all about hustle and despite the fact that he’s not much of a scorer on an athlete, he could be a very nice fit in their system, and he’s the kind of player LeBron James enjoys to have besides him as he’s always willing to put his body in the line on every loose ball to help the team.

2. Brandon Jennings


The way Brandon Jennings ended his NBA tenure is just crazy, especially considering he was set to be one of the league top-tier point guards for the long run. Jennings wasn’t happy with the lesser role he was getting and went back to China, but everybody knows he can still be a major contributor for any NBA team off the bench.

Jennings is a deadly scorer and playmaker (14 points and 5.7 dimes) and he’d be a major asset for the Cavs running the second unit, and he could even run the point with Isaiah Thomas at the 2 when he’s ready to perform. Besides, Brandon is a proven veteran that already knows what is like to torch most defenders in the Association, and he’d be an instant fit.

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1. Monta Ellis


We just can’t believe nobody has reached out on Monta Ellis, as albeit he was really far from his best during his Indiana Pacers tenure, he’s still a veteran scorer and a great shooting guard that thrives with speed and athleticism, something very valuable in that up-tempo Cavaliers offense.

Ellis had already embraced a bench role and wouldn’t mind coming off the bench if that meant having a shot at the Larry O’Brien trophy, and he wouldn’t hesitate to ink his signature on any deal that a team may present him at this time. With career averages of almost 18 points and 5 dimes per game, the Mississippi Bullet just deserves another chance.