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5 Players That Can Help The Spurs To Beat The Golden State Warriors

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The San Antonio Spurs are one of the most steady and consistent franchises in all competitive sports, and they currently sit at the 3rd spot in the Western Conference despite not having Kawhi Leonard for most of the season.

Also, Rudy Gay’s addition hasn’t made quite an impact as the veteran forward has also been on the shelf for most of the campaign, but regardless of that and Tony Parker’s benching, Gregg Popovich has still managed to develop a highly competitive squad.

The Spurs are looking for revenge after a Western Conference Finals exit the prior season amidst a lot of rumors stating that Leonard isn’t comfortable with the team and would like to play elsewhere, and even though that may not be the case, San Antonio is still kind of shorthanded if they intend to dethrone the Warriors or beat the Rockets.

Obviously, If anybody can knock the Dubs down that’s Gregg Popovich, but considering how things have fared so far, it wouldn’t be crazy to think the Spurs may make a couple of moves before the deadline. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 players that could improve their chances.

5. Zach Randolph

Zach Randolph has been quite good for the sluggish Sacramento Kings when he’s been able to suit up, but constant DNPs and the team’s policy to rest a couple of veteran ballers per game isn’t something he may enjoy much.

Besides, he’s set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and his game is perfectly suited for the Spurs system as a big man with range and good hands, so a 2nd round pick for him should do the treat for Sac Town.

4. Ersan Ilyasova


The veteran big man has been quite good for the Atlanta Hawks, but everybody knows he’s not part of the team’s future as the Hawks are entering full tank mode this season and are looking to offload as many veterans as possible.

Ersan can stretch the floor with his shooting stroke from beyond the arc and allow the Spurs to go small. Besides, we all know how much Popovich loves European players and he’s also set to become an unrestricted free agent.

3. Alex Len

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The Spurs are currently kind of shorthanded down low, so adding a young and promising center should be one of their top priorities at the time, and Alex Len’s Phoenix Suns tenure seems to be coming to an end after failing to produce at the desert.

Besides Lauvergne and Gasol, San Antonio doesn’t have a reliable big man and neither of them are that kind of below the rim kind of guy. Also, the Spurs have made a living out of getting the most of snubbed players, and Len is also set to become a free agent.

2. Boris Diaw


Boris Diaw already knows how it is to work for Gregg Popovich and his offensive system, and his better years in the NBA came dressed on a Spurs jersey, so he’d be thrilled to go back to the organization that takes care of that foreigners that well.

Diaw is playing overseas but he wouldn’t hesitate to make a comeback to the US and play for Popovich, and he’d be a very good addition off the bench with his ability to stretch the floor and constantly find the open guy.

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1. Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez may seem washed out at this stage of his career, but just because he’s not an important piece in one of the worst teams in the NBA, as he’s actually still very capable of contributing in the offensive end of the hardwood.

Lopez can be an ultimate center for the Spurs with his ability to set picks and even shoot the three-pointers, as well as being a very good playmaker for his height. Also, he’s going to become an unrestricted free agent and Los Angeles needs to move him ASAP.