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5 Perfect Point Guards To Play With DeMarcus Cousins

5 Perfect Point Guards To Play With DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins is one of those freakishly good players, as you see a 270-pound man handling the ball like a playmaker. His offensive arsenal consists of a ton of dangerous weapons, but he doesn't always have the opportunity to unfold his potential the way he likes.

He is a dominant threat for the opposing defenders, but what he really needs by his side is a point guard that can feel him. A playmaker that can do just that, make plays for him. DeMarcus Cousins is quite the character, and one would not only have to be a good playmaker, but also his friend.

Here is a list of point guards that would create a dominant duo with DeMarcus Cousins, either on the Pelicans or in any other team:

5. Ricky Rubio 



Reason Why: Ricky Rubio was never known for his scoring, but rather for his elite playmaking abilities. He always thinks of creating passes for his teammates first, and if that's not possible, he makes it possible.

Other point guards look to shoot the ball when a possible pass just doesn't seem like a good idea, but not Ricky.

Rubio is a flashy passer, but it's not about the flash at all. It's about the quality, and Ricky Rubio has a wide variety of crazy passes to feed DeMarcus Cousins. Should the two pair up under any situation, it would surely create a fearsome duo.

Possibility to play together next season: 1% (Cousins will not sign for the Utah Jazz).

4. Lonzo Ball


Reason Why: DeMarcus Cousins needs a facilitator by his side, and Lonzo Ball is a perfect example of a player. He doesn't make his living by scoring, but rather with helping in pretty much everything else. Besides the ability to dish out double digits in assists, he is also a really good defender.

He steals the ball so often, and Cousins is usually the first to run on the fast break. So other than the assists themselves, Lonzo Ball's thieving skills would also create a lot more opportunities for DeMarcus Cousins to flourish on the offensive end.

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Possibility to play together next season: 50% (Cousins can sign with the Lakers).

3. Stephen Curry


Reason Why: This team would be a product of nightmares, but should DeMarcus Cousins and Stephen Curry team up, the results would be terrifying. Stephen Curry's ability to stretch the floor would create a ton of opportunities to DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousins is a great ballhandler, and in isolation situations, he would have a great shooter to pass the ball into. And vice versa, should Stephen Curry go into isolation, DeMarcus Cousins can do multiple things, from preparing a three-pointer, to cutting inside. This is a great pair, and we should be feeling blessed to watch these two play together.

Possibility to play together next season: 0% (Warriors will not have enough space on the salary cap).

2. John Wall 

Could John Wall reunite with DeMarcus Cousins in the NBA?

Reason Why: John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins were Kentucky's first two stars in the John Calipari era, and the duo had great success in college. Joined by Milwaukee's Eric Bledsoe, the trio was truly unstoppable.

Fast forward to recent times, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins have actually openly discussed the possibility of teaming up in the NBA, and should that happen, Wall could easily average 15 assists per game. Not only the two have a lot of chemistry, but a change of team would do either player some good. As it is now, neither the Pelicans nor the Wizards can have title dreams, but Cousins and Wall do.

Possibility to play together next season: 30% (Cousins and Wall will be a great fit).

1. Chris Paul

chris-paul-injury-update houston

Reason why: Chris Paul would be the ideal point guard to place alongside DeMarcus Cousins, and he must be the better fit that every other player on the list (maybe except John Wall). The problem is that John Wall has never played with a Center other than Marcin Gortat in his NBA career, who is not a multi-dimensional player like DeMarcus Cousins.

On the contrary, Chris Paul has played a good deal of matches alongside DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, two players that combined, resemble the playing style of Cousins. Chris Paul's elite passing game would create numerous offensive opportunities for DeMarcus Cousins, and it would probably be a really hard team to encounter.

Possibility to play together next season: Cousins can sign with the Rockets (and Chris Paul, too), but they need to find enough space on the salary cap.