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5 NBA Teams That Are Worse Than Their Current Record


Is pretty difficult to keep up with pace and rhythm throughout a full 82 game NBA regular season, and things always tend to shake up a little bit during a couple of months when teams are still trying to adapt.

Some teams make the most of several mini runs while other teams are struggling with injuries or finding their identity, of just got off to very good starts of the season before completely falling apart, something that not always reflects on their record during the first couple of months.

Today, we’re going to talk about 5 teams that are trying to fool everybody pretending they’re not as bad as we all thought they were to begin with, with our 5 NBA teams that are worse than their current record list.

5. Phoenix Suns (16-28)


The Phoenix Suns have put together a couple of upsets throughout the campaign and thanks to Devin Booker they’ve been able to keep up with the scoring pace some of the best teams in the world feature right now.

Still, the Suns don’t have a clear path for the future, lack a point guard and defensive identity, and it seems like their going to need yet another top 5 prospect and a lot of help in free agency to fix the mess the team’s front office has created.

4. Los Angeles Clippers (21-21)


The Los Angeles Clippers entered the season with a lot of hopes in their newcomers, but Milos Teodosic, Danilo Gallinari and Patrick Beverley have been all forced to miss a lot of time and the team’s been forced to start a lot of players we didn’t even know existed.

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Doc Rivers has managed to build around an identity but has struggled to find consistency because of all the injuries, and with DeAndre Jordan heading towards the door sooner than later, this team’s likely to slide further in the standings throughout the season.

3. Orlando Magic (12-31)


The only reason why the Orlando Magic aren’t at the bottom of the standings is because they got off to a very surprising start of the season, piling up a lot of wins in games they were supposed to lose.

Now, with Jonathon Simmons, Terrence Ross, Nikola Vucevic and Jonathan Isaac all struggling and dressed in street clothes, the Orlando Magic have become the worst team in all professional basketball, even worse than the mediocre Atlanta Hawks.

2. Miami Heat (25-18)


The Miami Heat is recently surging thanks to Josh Richardson and Wayne Ellington, but truth to be told, those kind of performances are unlikely to continue through time when both players naturally regress to their usual self.

Miami doesn’t have the kind of talent to actually make some noise in the playoffs, and they’re only here right now because of how weak the Eastern Conference is and because Erik Spoelstra’s continued to prove that he’s a basketball mastermind.

1. Memphis Grizzlies (13-28)


Just like the Orlando Magic, the Memphis Grizzlies are a bad team that’s even worse than it’s record reflects, also because of their great start of the season following the grit and grind era after Tony Allen’s and Zach Randolph’s departure from the team.

Memphis has gone through a very rough time after firing coach Fizdale and the team just doesn’t want to part ways with Marc Gasol, their lone valuable asset, and as soon as they deal away Tyreke Evans, it seems like their just not going to be able to win another matchup throughout the season.