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5 NBA Super Fights We Would Love To See

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

This Saturday UFC Megastar, Conor McGregor will square off against undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. After months of speculation, social media teasing and, more the fantasy “dream fight” was officially announced in June. Having McGregor, cross over into the sport of boxing left many scratching their heads. 

For us at Fadeaway World, it left us to wonder, “What NBA stars and personnel would we like to see face off in the squared circle?” Although none of these fights are likely to ever happen, one can dream.

5. Robin Lopez vs NBA Mascots


For some odd reason, Robin Lopez despises NBA Mascots. The Chicago Bulls Center has been caught attacking innocent mascots in Toronto, Portland, and Atlanta to name a few. In an interview with Bleacher Report in 2015, Lopez actually stated that part of his motivation was because "I was a taller child. I always looked a little older than I was. I don't think I ever got proper attention from those mascots."Ever since 2013, Lopez has been terrorizing those same mascots.

What happens when the leagues “facilitators of fun” fight back? The Memphis Grizzlies own Mascot once placed a “kick me” sign on Lopez’ back. So far, that was the only successful attempt at retribution. As the years pass and the abuse continues on, the NBA Mascots will surely begin to stage a plan to fight back. Although they may be no match for Lopez on their own, the day is coming where the NBA Mascots band together to defeat their greatest foe.

Fight Prediction: Lopez wins TKO in the second round.

4. LeBron James vs Draymond Green


The LeBron James and Draymond Green situation has been brewing ever since the 2016 NBA Finals. After coming back from a 3-1 series deficit, LeBron and the Cavs went on to win the NBA Championship in dramatic fashion. Cleveland’s epic comeback may or may not have motivated James to dawn an “Ultimate Warrior” shirt days later. Wearing a t-shirt may have been a subtle jab at the Warriors but no jab was more blatant than LeBron James showing off a “3-1 lead” decoration at his Halloween party. Flash forward to the 2017 NBA Finals.

2017 was the Warriors turn to oust the Cavaliers in the finals. After beating Cleveland by a score of 4-1, Draymond Green set out to finish what LeBron had started a year earlier. At the Warriors victory parade, Green wore a shirt featuring the Quicken Loans Arena logo which, spelled out the word “Quickie.” Draymond’s shirt was a not so subtle jab at the fact that the Warriors easily knocked off James and Co. Although LeBron would respond to the shirt, things did not end there. After LeBron James posted a video of his new look, Green responded and then, went on to make further comments about “Super Teams” and such.

Currently, things have been relatively quiet from both sides. Who’s to say that with the 2017-2018 season around the corner these two may not decide to go at it again sometime soon? All that is left for you to decide is if you are on team LeBron or, team Draymond.

Fight Prediction: After a grueling 12 rounds it is all up to the judges. LeBron wins this one by the slimmest of margins by split decision.

3. Shaquille O’Neal vs JaVale McGee

Like all people, JaVale McGee makes mistakes. More often than not, however, many of McGee’s mistakes end up being exploited on “Shaqtin A Fool.” For those who do not know, Shaqtin A Fool is an NBA blooper series hosted by none other than, Shaquille O’Neal. Since 2011 McGee has been regularly featured on the show and is even a two-time Shaqtin MVP. While JaVale may have played off the honor, during the 2017 season things escalated between the two sides.

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During 2017 All-Star Weekend Shaq created a “Doctor Strange” parody of the Warriors forward’s mishaps. While many people found the video to be absolutely hilarious one man did not. His name is, of course, JaVale McGee. The 29-year-old fired the first shots on Twitter at the NBA legend, expressing his displeasure over Shaq’s antics. The Twitter war did not last long and the feud has seemingly died down since. McGee may have got the last laugh when he won a Championship in June.

Fight Prediction: McGee is able to get a few rounds out of Shaq however, in round six, Shaq delivers a knockout blow heard around the world.

2. Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook

When Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors a little over a year ago, he instantly became the NBA’s biggest villain. Not only did the once loved superstar leave the only franchise he ever knew but, he also left teammate and close friend, Russell Westbrook. For months the two did not speak. To be quite honest, the “breakup” of Durant and Westbrook was analyzed as well as, scrutinized almost as much as a Hollywood couple. While the former NBA MVP, Kevin Durant, downplayed any problems between the two, Westbrook, on the other hand, did not.

2017 All-Star Weekend is where things seemingly put to bed. Before the All-Star Game, there was the very awkward lack of interaction by the two. During the All-Star practice, Durant and Westbrook shot on opposite sides of the court and, wanted nothing to do with each other. During the All-Star Game, everything changed. It was a simple play. Kevin Durant threw an alley-oop pass up to Westbrook and everyone went wild. The Western Conference All-Stars mobbed the two upon their return to the bench. Maybe just maybe, that very play was a signal that Durant and Westbrook had put their feelings for each other behind them.

Many NBA fans still wonder to this day what could have been if Durant had stayed. However, in Durant’s absence, Russell Westbrook had the best season of his career. Although KD may have finally achieved his dream of winning an NBA Championship, Westbrook’s history making season, capped off by MVP Honors was just as great. Sometimes, before two brothers can make amends they have to fight.

Fight Prediction: KD and Russ go back and forth through the first 10 rounds, however, in round 12 the action begins to pick up. While both men are exhausted from the previous rounds, Westbrooks channels enough energy to deliver one final blow that is able to keep Durant down for the count.

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1. LaVar Ball vs Michael Jordan

LaVar Ball is a very interesting man. His son Lonzo was recently selected Second Overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2017 NBA Draft and, his two other sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo are both up and coming basketball talents. For quite some time this past year, LaVar stole the spotlight from his children. This past May, Ball told USA Today that “back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one.” This was an extremely interesting claim coming from a guy who averaged a mere 2.2 points per game during his lone year of College basketball. If you were still wondering, LaVar was not a one-and-done. Media outlets picked up on Ball’s outlandish claim almost instantly. ESPN First Take even had an entire segment dedicated to LaVar. Eventually, LaVar was also showing off his one-on-one skills on ESPN’s SportsNation. However, a response from Michael Jordan was inevitable.

It may have taken until August, but the Hall-of-Famer did respond. On August First, Jordan stated that he could beat LaVar Ball one-on-one even on “on one leg.” This is the previous statement is undoubtedly true. Eventually, Ball responded by saying that he could beat Jordan “even if one arm[was tied behind his] back.” Seeing Jordan take on LaVar Ball just to shut him up would be amazing but, a fight between the two could be the next best thing. We all know LaVar Ball is a businessman and a potential Vegas Fight Night between the two could make the Big Baller Brand some serious money.

Fight Prediction: Jordan delivers a swift knockout punch following the opening bell.