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5 NBA Players That Won't Help Your Team Next Season

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Fadeaway World

As the offseason approaches, so does free agency, and with the cap rising so dramatically, it’s been pretty clear that some guys are going to get vastly overpaid for the next couple of seasons, as some teams are more than desperate to improve for the next year.

Over the course of the years, we’ve seen some major flops steal a lot of cash from desperate franchises, and it seems like this year won’t be an exception, as there’s a very interesting free agency just around the corner but there are a lot of guys whose time in the league seems close to an end, or that don’t promise to improve the team’s current roster for the foreseeable future.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top 5 players that won’t help your team if they sign them for the 2017/18 campaign.

5. Derrick Rose


Let’s face it, Derrick Rose is never getting close to his MVP level and his durability is nonexistent. Rose hasn’t been able to stay on the court for more than half a season, his shot isn’t falling and he’s not even connecting on free throws. So, unless he embraces a substitute role and doesn’t take a lot of money, you should definitely avoid signing the injury prone former 1st overall pick and Chicago Bulls standout.

4. Dion Waiters

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Waiters had a bit of a breakout year with Spoelstra and the Miami Heat due to some much needed offensive consistency. Nevertheless, constant injuries forced him to miss time and we don’t even know if he’s fully recovered. Besides, he’s always been a pain in the butt in the locker room and he won’t provide much versatility in the backcourt, so it would be safe just to let other guys hand him a paycheck.

3. Jeff Green

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Green keeps getting contracts despite not ever showing any glances of improvement through his entire NBA career, and it has been clear that he’ll never be the dominant scorer everybody hoped he would become a couple of years ago. Jeff is a very inconsistent offensive player, and even if he may look tempting to teams desperate for scoring, he doesn’t deserve a lot of money just to airball threes and complain about no-calls.

2. Norris Cole


It seemed like Cole’s pesky defense would guarantee him a lasting career in the NBA when he was a member of the 2-time NBA Champions Miami Heat, but those days seem to be far behind him. Cole was never able to find a shooting stroke and the lack of consistent playing time made him play in 5th gear at all times, maybe even out of control at times, and not being much of a playmaker, there’s absolutely no reason to fall for the 28-year-old.

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1. Roy Hibbert


Hibbert became one of the NBA’s major flops after being an elite rim protector for the Indiana Pacers, losing every single bit of confidence and becoming a way below average rebounder at the Center position. Since then, it’s been pretty much downhill for the soft-minded big guy, and even if he may seem like the solution for a team in a desperate need for a presence in the paint, this guy’s completely finished and there’s absolutely no reason to offer him a deal at this point of his career.