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5 NBA Players That Almost Died

5 NBA Players That Almost Died

We’re all going to die someday and that’s something we just can’t avoid, so we have to live our lives to the fullest, as we don’t know if we’ll be here tomorrow morning.

Death is certainly scary; it does not matter who you are, it is. Although we all have the same fate, it is shocking when the time arrives for our favorite public figures, and even more when it comes to sports.

The NBA has witnessed plenty of these cases, as there have been several tragedies inside and outside the court, with some of them being fatal casualties that we still regret to this day, like Drazen Petrovic.

Besides Drazen’s, there have been other episodes where our favorite players had near death experiences. Today we are going to recall some of the most famous cases. These are five NBA players with nerd death experiences.

Grant Hill

Mandatory Credit: Eliot Schechter/ALLSPORT

Mandatory Credit: Eliot Schechter/ALLSPORT

Grant Hill is one of the biggest what-ifs in NBA history, as the former Piston had everything to have a long and successful run in the Association. However, injuries were ruthless with Hill’s body and he never could accomplish all the things people expected from them.

However, there is one of his life that Grant surely doesn’t want to remember. Back in 2003, during his days with the Orlando Magic, Hill contracted staph infection which could be fatal for the small forward. He was nearby to not only finish his NBA career but his life. Hill spent six months taking intravenous antibiotics before making his comeback to the big league.

Damian Lillard


Damian Lillard grew up in Oakland in Oakland, surrounded by many samples of violence and crimes. Even if he never took part in any of these practices, violence caught Lillard although he didn’t look for it.

Back in 2008 when the current Portland Trail Blazers point guard was waiting for a bus after practicing, he was robbed and attacked by three men. The superb star didn’t back off and tried to fight the robbers; one of them even pull up a gun on him, but luckily for everybody they didn’t shoot him. Lillard raps about this in his song “Roll Call”.

Lamar Odom

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It was shocking news when Lamar Odom was found passed out in a brothel almost two years ago. Lamar spent four days in a coma, in which everybody thought he wouldn’t make it. Fortunately for him, he could overcome the situation and now is sober.

His cocaine overdose was one of the most commented news in the entire world in 2015; right now he declares himself a sober person, but still admits he is still struggling to get his life together. Odom’s history has been one of the most dramatic in recent years; gladly for him he is still alive and trying to get things back on track.

Chris Bosh

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After being part of one of the most dominant teams in NBA history in recent years playing alongside Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, Chris Bosh was unable to have the same fate as his teammates. Chris has been through a very dramatic situation over the past two years, being unable to play basketball since 2015.

Bosh had to end his NBA career after several injuries and complications with his surgeries. Two blood clots in his lungs made Bosh’s life a nightmare, even being close to end it definitely. Bosh missed two full seasons thanks to these complications –he was very close to pass away during those days- before the league took the decision of ruling over his career.

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Nikola Vucevic


This is one of the most shocking histories on this list. Vucevic was indeed lucky to survive a train crash back in 2006. More than 10 years ago, Nikola Vucevic was traveling with his father in his native Montenegro when the train they were traveling in had a brake failure and crashed.

Neither Vucevic nor his father presented major injuries, while 47 passengers lost their lives and 200 were injured. It’s crazy that there were 250 passengers and among those, Nikola and his father were unharmed.