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5 NBA Coaches Who Could Win Coach of the Year 2017

Photo Credit: B/R and @nbaayy

Photo Credit: B/R and @nbaayy

Which coaches will be the best in the league and what kind of season can we expect from their teams? No matter what teams you like or dislike, here are 5 coaches anybody can agree to have a good chance to win Coach of the Year.

5. Tyronn Lue (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Fresh off a championship and eager for a chance to do it again, Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue is no doubt a major player for Coach of the year this upcoming season. Somehow, he kept this team together after all the scrutiny and discord they faced last year. Lue got hired about midway through the season, so he never got a real chance to teach his team the way he wanted them to play.

Well, this time, he has plenty opportunity to do just that. With a championship already in the books, the team will be pressure free heading into the new season, which also means a pressure-free situation for Lue as well. Whether or not the Cavs match last seasons success is up in the air, but coach Tye Lue will no doubt be a big part of it.

4. Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics)

The Celtics made a big splash this summer in acquiring center/forward Al Horford. Even though this team made some noise in the playoffs this season, the addition of Horford will no doubt help them.

However, it will ultimately fall to coach Brad Stevens to continue to steer this team in the right direction. Imagine what his leadership and coaching talent could do when paired with this young, talented basketball club.

Brad Stevens was already in the conversation THIS year, now all he has to do is keep up the progress he and his team have been making. The "green team" can definitely hit big strides this year, but it will have to start through Stevens, who we've seen more than enough from to expect BIG things.

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3. Billy Donovan (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Everybody already knows the whole "KD gone from OKC" saga. Now that he's gone, though, it proves the perfect chance for Billy Donovan to show what he can do. If he can help get this team 1 (which nobody expects to do too good) into the playoffs, it would be pretty hard to say he doesn't deserve consideration for coach of the year.

He still has Westbrook with some new and young weapons for the offense. Also, he has the green light to start up a new style of offense, one that doesn't involve Kevin Durant. The situation is set up perfectly, and Donovan has the potential to make this post KD era something special. NOW is the best time for the second year coach to surprise everyone.

2. Frank Vogel (Orlando Magic)

Before anyone bat an eye, Larry Bird dismissed Vogel from his coaching duties in Indiana. Before anyone had time to blink again, he found another job in Orlando. It's a move that should give Vogel more control of the team and a perfect chance to get vengeance for his firing.

It will be interesting to see how the young guys in Orlando adjust to Vogel's new system. The East is pretty open this year, so there is a real shot for the Magic to make a postseason run. If Frank Vogel can somehow develop his youngsters and have this team competing on a nightly basis, he could turn some heads this year when the voting begins.

1. Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs)

You all knew this was coming. Yes, he is on this list every single year. And yes, he deserves it every single year. This guy is an absolute coaching genius. His blend of coaching styles always has the attention of his team, and always keeps his opponents guessing.

He manages the stars of his older players so well, they play into their forties (shout out to the legend Tim Duncan). Somehow, the Spurs remain relevant year after year. Without Pop, who knows where the Spurs would be right now.

The list went through 5 coaches who are all facing different situations this season with their teams. It will no doubt be amazing to see where these guys lead their teams to this upcoming season.