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5 Moves The Cavaliers Can Make To Get Their Season Back On Track


There's no doubt that the Cleveland Cavaliers have started off their 2017-18 campaign a bit slower than they would have liked in all honestly, currently sitting at 3-3 on the season. The Cavs are currently on a two-game slide, with losses to the Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets, and New Orleans Pelicans.

Injuries have really hurt Cleveland to start off the season, with the starting lineup seemingly being changed game to game to accommodate for a new injury. One of the only constants has been LeBron James, who has been playing solid basketball to start the season -- averaging 26 points, 7 rebounds, and 8.8 assists a game -- but as we all know, James can't do it all by himself.

That's why it may be in the Cavs' best interests to start looking at making a roster move or two to prevent them falling into a bigger hole as the season goes on while they wait for Isaiah Thomas' return. Players would be dying to play in Cleveland alongside LeBron with a chance at a championship, so if they did decide to pursue someone to bolster their roster for the time being, it wouldn't be difficult. Here are 5 players the Cavs could make a move for to right the ship in Cleveland.

5. Boris Diaw


Despite his stocky figure and age, Boris Diaw can still be a game-changer on the offensive end.

Last playing in the NBA during the 2016-17 season for the Utah Jazz, Diaw has moved to his home country of France to play pro ball, but his unique skillset -- mostly his insane vision for a big man and high IQ plays -- as well as his locker room presence make him a great fit for a Cavs team that is is a state of disarray at the moment. If LeBron makes a call over to France to inquire about Boris, you never know what could happen.

4. Trevor Booker


Trevor Booker is currently sitting on the last year of his $18 million contract he signed with the Nets back in 2016, and given his age -- 29 years old -- Brooklyn may be open to moving the power forward in an effort to get younger, as well as save over $9 million in cap space to pursue free agents next season.

A straight swap of Iman Shumpert, who has been slightly underperforming for the Cavs off the bench ever since their championship run, for Booker works out in regards to contracts, and could give Cleveland another four who can step outside and hit the outside shot as well as bang down low.

3. Al Jefferson


Even though Jefferson isn't the player he was back in Utah, there's still a spot in the NBA for back-to-the basket centers, and it could be the approach the Cavs need to rejuvenate their offense.

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The Pacers are seemingly wanting to go all in on recent acquisitions Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, the latter of which who will be given more minutes on the court if Indiana can manage to move Jefferson.

Jefferson's production is still very good for his minutes, averaging 8.8 points and 5 rebounds a game in only 16 minutes a game, and a potential deal involving both stretch four Channing Frye and European young gun Cedi Osman may be enough for the Pacers to part ways with Jefferson.

2. Thaddeus Young


Another potential deal involving an Indiana Pacer may be another way to boost the Cavs' bench production for the time being.

Thaddeus Young is a starting quality power forward in the NBA, and having a player of his caliber -- both in rebounding and scoring -- coming off the bench may do wonders for the Cavs.

For the Pacers, just like with Jefferson, moving the big man would free up minutes for a potential Sabonis/Turner frontcourt, which is something Indiana should be aiming for given their situation.

Young's player option in his contract for 2018-19 isn't that favorable to the Cavs, even when trading away both Shumpert and Frye for his services, but when it comes to championships, every avenue should be explored.

1. Greg Monroe


Just like the four players above, the value of a bench power forward or center in this league is vastly underrated, especially one who eats up boards like Monroe does, something the Cavs may struggle with as Thompson and Love are both slotted into the starting lineup.

Monroe is currently in the last year of his three-year deal he signed with Milwaukee back in 2015, which means the Cavs aren't risking a lot cap-wise if they do decide to make a move for the Georgetown product.

Cleveland could offer the Bucks both Shumpert and Frye, Shumpert offering study defense alongside both Brogdon and Dellavedova, and Frye adding another lengthy big who can spot up, in exchange for Monroe, who Milwaukee has been rumored to be looking to unload.

Monroe's scoring and rebounding have definitely fallen off since his days in Detroit, but that can partly be attributed to his diminishing role in Wisconsin, and a move to Cleveland could be what Monroe's career needs.