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5 Most Boring Teams To Watch Next Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

This upcoming NBA season is just around the corner, and having that in mind it’s pretty hard not to create a lot of expectations about what may or may not happen after the refs blow their whistle on opening night.

And while there are hundreds of reasons to be excited for this upcoming season, like the Kyrie Irving situation, another Warriors - Cavs or Warriors - Spurs match up, other things aren’t quite encouraging and aren’t the first things that come to mind when looking forward to this upcoming campaign.

Things change really fast in the NBA and a team that may be a steady contender for ages may stink the very next season, and we’re quite sure that the 5 teams we’re about to name are set to have horrible seasons and there won’t be much reason to bother and watch them at all.

5. Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have never been a much entertaining team to watch, even not so long ago when they actually had the best record in the Eastern Conference. And now that they won’t even have a single star on the team, things aren’t looking quite good for fans at Georgia this season.

The Hawks are really likely to just throw it all away from day one and tank during the whole season while Dennis Schroder improves as a scorer and they pursue a top 10 talent in next year’s draft.

4. Indiana Pacers

Another team that was in a position to contend just a couple of seasons ago was the Indiana Pacers, but after losing Jeff Teague and Paul George, the team is pretty much empty with nothing more than a couple of youngsters to develop.

Even if the Pacers may not try and tank out of the gate, it’s pretty likely that they won’t fare very good this upcoming campaign, so it would be better for them to just let Oladipo, Sabonis and Myles Turner have as many touches as they can to develop and prepare for the future.

3. Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic has been a team stuck in mediocrity for a very long time now, and Frank Vogel’s arrival to the team has been nothing more than a huge disappointment after a season with way more lows than highs.

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It seems like Aaron Gordon won’t be nearly as good as expected, and the Magic don’t have a star right now or the chance to actually acquire one in the foreseeable future, and it’s a team that you’re most likely to forget when trying to remember every franchise in the NBA right now.

2. Dallas Mavericks

The lone reason to watch the Dallas Mavericks this year is the fact that it might as well be Dirk Nowitzki’s last run, although the German would still have a year left on his deal, or just to watch Dennis Smith Jr improve as the team’s point guard for the future.

The Mavericks actually don’t have any entertaining player right now and they’ve been boring for years now, and Harrison Barnes is perhaps the most overrated and less entertaining so called Star in the league right now.

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1. New York Knicks

The Knicks have been a nightmare to watch for at least 4 straight seasons now, and even though some fans may get really excited about watching Kristaps Porzingis, this team simply doesn’t stand a chance when Carmelo Anthony finally leaves.

New York is very likely to just tank and they may actually end up with the worst record in the Association this season to try and acquire another top 5 prospect in next year’s draft, although they’re very likely to just find another way to screw things up for them.