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5 Legends That Could Play In BIG3 League Next Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Roger Mason Jr. is a former NBA player and now Commissioner of Ice Cube’s creation, the BIG3 League. According to Mark J. Burns of Forbes, Mason Jr. has big plans for acquiring future talent to join the league. He made it abundantly clear at Hashtag Sports event earlier this week. The commissioner is not bluffing.

In fact, Mason Jr. has already reached out to various former NBA legends about lacing up to play in this league. The feedback has nothing short of good to hear. Here are 5 players that could end up playing in the BIG 3 down the line.

5. Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady 13 points in 35 seconds

The recently inducted basketball hall of famer has been contacted by Mason Jr. to a part in the BIG3 League. The 7-time All-Star last played professionally in 2013 with the San Antonio Spurs. McGrady is only 38 years old, which would be pretty young in this league or about the average age.

Since retirement, McGrady has been seen on ESPN as a guest analyst talking NBA basketball. So, the interest and passion for the sport of basketball is still there. No reason to think we won’t see T-MAC back on the court very soon.

4. Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan has actually spoken to Mason Jr. about joining the league. The problem is finding time to balance between playing for the league and being the Owner of the Charlotte Hornets. If BIG3 could land the GOAT, then it could arguably torpedo this league into greatness by association. Many of the younger audience will be intrigued to finally get to see MJ take the hardwood. Meanwhile, the older generations will marvel for nostalgic purposes.

MJ is a far cry from his Chicago days but while the greats may lose their athleticism and quickness, their basketball IQ is still off the charts. If Mason Jr. and Ice Cube can get MJ here in any capacity whether it be coaching, playing or maybe a minority owner. They better do it. If you pass on the Jordan Brand, it will kick you in the rear end.

3. Kobe Bryant


The Black Mamba/White Mamba showdown needs to happen and it’s not totally out of the question. Mason Jr. has contacted Kobe about playing in the BIG3 league. It is all still up in the air on what Kobe plans to do in his life after basketball. Mason Jr. said, “I think he’s still figuring out what he’s doing, he’s got a lot of different ventures.” Adding that at 38 years old, “Kobe still looks fresh.”

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Getting Kobe, who dropped 60 points in his last career game over a year ago would be quite a find for BIG 3 Basketball. Time will tell if one of his many different ventures will be with the league.

2. Tim Duncan


Yes, you heard right. “The Big Fundamental” Tim Duncan could be rocking rims and blocking shots in BIG3 if he ever returns Mason Jr.’s calls. Mason Jr. has reached out to Mr. Duncan on several occasions. They were former teammates in San Antonio. So, there is a connection there. At Hashtag Sports event earlier this week, Mason Jr. said, “Duncan, call me man.”

One thing is for sure that we have an aggressive commissioner here in Roger Mason Jr. I am fully confident that this aggressive pursuit of arguably the greatest PF ever will continue into next year.

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1. Paul Pierce

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Based on what transpired in week one of the BIG3 League, Paul Pierce seemed to express real interest in joining the league next year. Pierce even got an on-court interview with Michael Rapaport, where he humored the idea. Pierce responded, “I might try to convince KG and Kobe too.”

It would be a firework show if BIG3 were to land any of these Hall of Fame level players. Paul Pierce got a live taste of what the BIG3 is about and according to Mason Jr., the Truth was impressed. Mason Jr. said, “I’ll tell you one thing. Paul Pierce showed up last Sunday and was blown away. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an itch to join this league as well.”

Between Ice Cube and Roger Mason Jr., this BIG3 League is in good hands. They are actively open to suggestions from fans to make any necessary changes to be successful. Expect big things from this partnership and the recruitment process going forward. This is just the beginning.