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5 Crazy NBA Predictions That Won't Happen Next Season


The 2017-18 NBA season is finally upon us after almost a four months absence, and with all the pre-season excitement, we have some sort of idea how teams and players in new cities will play this upcoming year.

As usual, sports wouldn't be sports without fun hypotheticals and trying to predict the future, and if you're good enough at it, you can make some serious cash on the betting markets. But that's not why we're here.

We're here to give you 5 of the most outlandish, insane and downright crazy predictions for the upcoming NBA season, most of which have a 0% chance of occurring. But hey, as we all know, the NBA is Where Amazing Happens.

5. New York Somehow Makes The Playoffs


The New York Knicks are among one of the worst teams after Carmelo Anthony's departure and aren't expected to make much noise this season, even with the increased development of Kristaps Porzingis.

But with the way the East fared this offseason -- many All-Stars moving over to the Western Conference -- if the Knicks can win a solid 35 or so games, they may be in with a shot at the eighth seed.

4. Joel Embiid Will Play All 82 Games This Season

STEVEN M. FALK / Photographer

STEVEN M. FALK / Photographer

Embiid's health has been a big concern over the past two seasons, only managing to play in 31 games out of 164 for the 76ers.

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That sort of game time is set to continue this season, as Philadelphia is taking things very slowly with the center. But if somehow Philly starts off hot and are a mid-level team fighting for a playoff spot, led by Joel himself, the 76ers could scrap that idea entirely.

3. Chicago Win More Than 40 Games

B. Sevald/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

B. Sevald/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Let's face it, the Bulls are in the same boat as the Knicks when it comes to the future of the franchise, but are in an even bigger hole due to no up-and-coming talent bar Lauri Markkanen, who is unproven in NBA situations.

But, being the Bulls, for some reason they can always defy expectations -- just look at the first round matchup last season with Boston before Rondo got injured -- and if Lauri proves to be a steal and chemistry forms quickly, the Bulls could be en route to a 40-win season.

2. The Pelicans Dominate The NBA


Could you imagine if this actually happened? If Davis and Cousins got it together after a whole offseason together and managed to flip the NBA on its head with a tough, gritty inside approach to games? It could very well be the case given the talent both big men share.

1. The Spurs Disappoint And Barely Make The Postseason


The Spurs are one of the most consistent sports teams in history, not missing the postseason once since drafting Tim Duncan back in 1997.

That run of success won't last forever though, even with Gregg Popovich at the helm, and if Kawhi somehow comes back as a different player after the injury and LaMarcus Aldridge hasn't reverted to his Portland form, who will carry the load for the Spurs?