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4 Teams That Will Not Play In The 2018 NBA Playoffs

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Making the postseason is most teams ultimate goal ahead of the start of every campaign, but more often than not, those illusions take a major hit due to injury, lack of chemistry or the surge of better teams.

Some squads fight through all obstacles all season long, but they still aren’t able to make the playoffs, with everything settling down throughout the last week of the regular season where it’s kill or be killed time.

This year won’t be the exception, and considering how close the playoff picture has been in both conferences, it’s clear that some teams are going to be snubbed. Today, we’ll let you know about the 4 teams that will fall short of the playoffs.

4. Philadelphia 76ers

This one’s a huge bummer, as the Philadelphia 76ers have been through a lot to finally go back to the postseason, but a lot of things point towards the playoff drought continuing for at least one more season for the young Sixers.

Philly currently sits at the 8th spot in the Western Conference, but Miami and Indiana surging in the standings, and Blake Griffin’s addition to the Pistons will definitely lift them past Embiid and his teammates. Still, there’s no reason not to trust the process.

3. Los Angeles Clippers

This one may not come as a surprise at all, as nobody expected the Clippers to make the playoffs anyways amid Chris Paul‘s departure, and the fact that they’re currently 9th in the West is still quite surprising.

Los Angeles ranks just a couple of games behind the 8th seeded Pelicans, but without Blake Griffin in their ranks, they just don’t stand a chance and would be better off just flat out tanking the rest of the campaign.

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2. Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte got off to a nice start of the season and even though nobody thought of them as a threat in the Eastern Conference, they still had a chance to make a run at reach the postseason as the 8th seeded team.

Nonetheless, their horrid play outside of their home court has made them take a huge slide in the standings, and they currently sit 10 games below .500, and there isn’t much room for improvement either.

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1. New Orleans Pelicans

Tough break for New Orleans, as the Pelicans were playing the best basketball of their season just when DeMarcus Cousins suffered a devastating season-ending injury that has really hurt the team.

New Orleans still has Rondo, Davis and Holiday and Mirotic’s addition may help a bit, but we just don’t see them hanging on to that 8th seed in the West, with the Jazz most likely climbing up to make the playoffs and snub Davis and the Pelicans.