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4 Point Guards That Are Better Than Damian Lillard

4 Point Guards That Are Better Than Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard has never hesitated to speak his mind and let everybody know he feels like he’s not treated fairly and people tend to underrate him and not give him the kind of praise he deserves.

Truth to be told, he’s constantly being snubbed from All-Star selections, All-NBA teams, and even minor awards like a player of the week, mostly because he plays for a very small market in Portland, something that obviously takes a toll on people’s opinion.

Nonetheless, his latest comments show the kind of confidence he’s always shown, but are far from accurate, as he stated that he’s as good as every other point guard in the league, a pretty bold statement.

Don’t get us wrong, Lillard is a hell of a baller, and he has the kind of skillset to become the best in the league and this kind of treatment should only motivate him to get better but he’s not a top 5 point guard in the league right now, and we’re going to let you know about the 4 point guards that are better than him, considering him and John Wall are probably head to head.

4. Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving has by far the best handles in the world right now, and if we’re talking about scoring point guards like Damian Lillard, Kyrie has the upper hand in pretty much every aspect of the game.

Irving’s layup package is just endless and he’s one of the craftiest players with the rock on his hands, constantly embarrassing opposing guards with his dribbling and crossing ability. They’re pretty close when it comes to clutch time, though, as they both go big or go home when it matters the most.

3. Russell Westbrook


The reigning MVP is one of the most versatile players in the league and is even a very good backcourt defender when he’s locked in and plays against top-tier opposition, something Lillard can’t brag about, to be honest.

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Also, Westbrook’s athleticism and pace are way superior to Dame’s, and even though Lillard is a much better shooter than the Brodie, Westbrook is by far a better playmaker and rebounder, as well as a much more dominant player.

2. Stephen Curry


Are you kidding me? Stephen Curry is a 2-time MVP and 2-time NBA Champion has much better handles and is the greatest shooter in the history of the game, completely changing the way opposing defenses guard point guards.

Neither of them is much of a defender, but Curry’s perhaps the most unstoppable offensive player in that spot we’ve seen in ages, and a way more valuable player for his team than Lillard to his.

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1. Chris Paul

chris-paul-injury-update houston

And if we’re talking about playmaking and being a pure pass-first kind of point guard, no one in the league is better than Chris Paul, and that obviously includes Damian Lillard, who has more of a scoring mentality.

Also, Paul is the best defender of this list by a long shot, and he’s already considered to be a top 10 point guard in NBA history despite never being able to play in the Finals, something that also missing in Lillard’s list to consider himself the best point guard in the league.