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4 Crazy Facts About Michael Jordan

4 Crazy Facts About Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is seen by many as the GOAT of the NBA. For those of you that doubt it, check out some of his old school highlights on YouTube! It's crazy to see how physical the game was back when he played, and he certainly took things to new levels. Whether you agree that he's the GOAT or not, you can't deny he's an icon of the sport. There was an awesome documentary on Netflix earlier in the year that showed Jordan in a different light, further cementing his legendary status. So, what better way to celebrate one of the GOATs than with a few of his best facts/stats?!

He Holds The Record For Most Points Per Game In The NBA

We knew MJ was a beast but did you know he holds the record for the most points per game in NBA history? He's sitting on 30.12 PPG, which is astonishing in its own right. For context, LeBron James has the highest PPG of any active player, and his is 27.07! To make things even more incredible, Michael Jordan also has the highest PPG in playoff games. When times get tough and a lot is on the line, he shoots with a 33.45 PPG - incredible!

He Currently Has A Net Worth Of $1.9 Billion

Incredibly, Michael Jordan is still one of the richest athletes in the world. He's earned billionaire status, largely thanks to the unrivaled success of his Air Jordan sneakers. These sneakers have become iconic, and they're worn by people all over the world. He still has a lucrative deal at Nike, with the most recent reports suggesting that his sneakers pull the company over $3 billion a year! That's a crazy amount of money, and they're certainly the best selling sneakers of all time. Some say that Nike pays him over $100 million a year, purely to sit back and release sneakers in his name.

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He Won 10 Out Of 15 Scoring Titles As A player

Did you know that Michael Jordan had an incredible success rate as a player? In the 15 NBA seasons he played, he won 10 scoring titles. While this is obviously a testament to the incredible team around him, it's crazy to see someone with a record like this. As of right now, it is the most titles of anyone in NBA history. The second highest is Wilt Chamberlain with 7, and Kevin Durand is joint third with 4 - which is the most of any active player. Again, this goes to show his absolute dominance on the court!

He Won Every Single Finals Series He ever Played

Yes, Michael Jordan won 6 out of 6 finals series he played in the NBA. That's a mind-blowing statistic that shows his prowess in the big games. You've already seen his crazy play-offs PPG average, but did you know he never scored less than 22 in a single playoff game? The man is a freak!

It's fun to look at some stats and facts from one of the greatest of all time. Which statistic do you find the most incredible? Is Michael Jordan your GOAT, if not, who is?