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3 Superstars Who Can Help DeMarcus Cousins Next Season?

Cousins NBA Trade Rumors

DeMarcus Cousins Is arguably one of the best centers in the league right now, but his playoff resume is blank. Cousins has been in the league since 2010, and still doesn't have any postseason experience.

He has been playing for the Kings since his rookie season, and slowly building a foundation since he got there. But the Sacramento Kings didn’t hold their end of the bargain, ad they have yet to bring in a good supporting cast so they bring a playoff game to Sacramento. Cousins immediately became the franchise player of the team. In his 6 seasons with the Kings, he averaged 20.6 points, 10.8 rebounds and 2.7 assists in 415 career games. He’s having a career best 28.8 PPG, with a 28.32 PER (Player Efficiency Rating); however, Sac-Town is still one of the teams that are outside, looking in on the playoffs.

Cousins needs help, and his career is going to be tarnish if he cannot get to the playoffs and win the championship. He is a center that a championship team needs. No need for another Charles Barkley in the future.

So, I have a few superstars and mind that can help Cousins get over that hump. It’s probably highly impossible to get these players on the team with him now, but they can definitely help him get a ring. Great centers always needed that extra star to help them get to the top.

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LeBron James & DeMarcus Cousins

There are already rumors that Cousins will join the Cavaliers to help take down the Warriors if both teams get to the finals. If James and Cousins assemble, they will be unstoppable. With both, they can score anytime, they can take it to the hole without a problem, and they both have one of the best defenses in the NBA. LeBron James is a winner, and he will teach Cousins his winning ways. DeMarcus can take a lot of load off LeBron James, King James could possibly tie Kobe Bryant with the same amount of rings.

Chris Paul & DeMarcus Cousins

Both are on a mission to get a ring to help put the icing on the cake on their storied careers. Chris Paul will go down as the best PG without a ring if he doesn't get help. Cousins needs a PG like Chris Paul after the Kings tried to get him a good PG (Rondo) and it didn’t work out to well. The difference is because Chris Paul can take over the game and find way more opportunities for him. With both joining each other, Cousins wouldn’t have to work a lot to score most of his points, with Paul giving him easy buckets. Both of their mindsets would be on winning and taking it out on all of the opponents they face. Paul and Cousins would be the most lethal duo the NBA would see from a PG and Center.

Chris Paul never played with a center like Cousins, and Cousins never played with an MVP-caliber point guard like CP3.

John Wall & DeMarcus Cousins

Both were dominant on the same team together in college. Both played for Calipari in Kentucky. It's fair to say that chemistry would already be great with those two. Wall is seeking a big man that can bang in the hole and score. Cousins is a finesse type center that can score at will and could get points anytime. Wall & DeMarcus would turn regular games into the All-Star games on most nights with their athleticism. Both players are tough and never back down from a challenge they bring that nastiness and tenacity to the game every night.

The key to success with both players would be running the pick & roll, Cousins can roll to the hoop or he could stay big and shoot the jumper or the 3, because defenses respect Cousins shot enough to open up the floor.

It will be very interesting to see who will help him in the future because he never played in the NBA Playoffs and time is ticking away for one of the best players in the league.


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