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3 Reasons Why New Orleans Should Trade DeMarcus Cousins This Season


The DeMarcus Cousins era in New Orleans may be about to end before it really even got started. Not only is the former All-Star an impending unrestricted free agent but, recent rumors suggest that he could be on the move sooner or later.

In the event “Boogie” is traded there is no guarantee he will commit to sign a long term deal with his new team. However, you can be sure that some teams certainly will pay a high price for a potential All-Star rental. Here are three reasons why the New Orleans Pelicans should trade DeMarcus Cousins.

3. Take a step back to make a big jump forward

In this day in age the Pelicans have an interesting lineup. While most teams are beginning to build their rosters more towards the jump shooting league the NBA has started to evolve into, New Orleans has not. Instead, the team has two franchise big men. Although Cousins and Anthony Davis make for a scary frontcourt duo it remains to be seen how long this experiment will last. Sure, Cousins and Davis both seem to be getting along fine so far but, if anything was evident during his time in Sacramento, Cousins is at his best when he is dominating with the ball.

New Orleans also does not have many other options to generate offense from. Jrue Holiday can score at a reasonable clip but not at the level of Cousins or Davis. It will be very interesting to see who else may jump into a high impact scoring role this year. With Solomon Hill and Frank Jackson scheduled to miss a significant amount of time, the Pelicans might be better off delaying their big Playoff push and loading up on assets to be even stronger next year.

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2. If Cleveland is offering up Brooklyn’s pick take the deal and run

Brooklyn’s 2018 first round pick has become quite the desirable asset for many teams over the past year. When Cleveland recently acquired the pick from Boston it was assumed by many that the Cavs would keep the pick in order to hopefully select a young star to build their team around in the near future. Apparently, we may have thought wrong. According to many reports, Cleveland has been shopping that very pick. If Cleveland did indeed offer New Orleans the pick they should take the deal and run.

This years draft class features many potential future franchise stars. With Brooklyn’s pick likely being a lottery pick, the Pelicans may have the once in a lifetime opportunity to select Michael Porter Jr or Marvin Bagley III. Both of these players are projected to be generational talents. Trading a 27-year-old All-Star for an 18-year old that you can continue to build your team around for many years to come is not such a bad thing. Plus, unlike Cousins, the new Rookie that the Pelicans select with the pick would be under team control for three years. This means, that the team could make an extremely aggressive Playoff push in that time span and not have to worry about the player leaving the team.

1. Uncertainty surrounding Cousins’ loyalty

As previously noted, DeMarcus Cousins will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. Currently, there has been no indication on whether or not the two sides have even begun to discuss a new contract. New Orleans also gave up a significant amount to acquire the 2016 All-Star. It would be an absolute shame for Cousins to end up walking this summer without anything to show for it.

This is one of the biggest reason why New Orleans should consider trading Cousins.

A trade also does not have come right at the beginning of the season. Letting the 27-year-old showcase abilities may boost his value for his future contract and his trade value for the Pelicans. Only once New Orleans is 100 percent certain that Cousins will not resign with the team should they pull the trigger on a potential trade. However, if the team waits too long to decide what to do, they may end up as one of the biggest trade losers in recent years.