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2019 NBA Playoffs: Predictions For The Conference Winners


With each passing day, we are nearing the NBA Finals. The playoffs are on their way, and every game is a do-or-die event making it crucial from the standpoint of the players, the management, the fans, bookmakers, and punters. Every pass, each basket, those last-minute points, and injuries, all have an impact on the game which makes the NBA a genuinely nail-biting experience. That is also one reason why basketball remains such a favorite sport, the adrenaline doesn’t just run through the players, but everyone involved.

Big games are also an opportunity for big payouts. While the states in the US still debate over the legalization of sports, other countries like Canada where basketball is equally popular can go ahead and bet on the playoffs with ease. The simplicity of the game makes betting on basketball an easy task. Punters, whether they are professionals or newcomers, can pick from various options to place their wagers.

The game is so widespread in its popularity that even those not familiar can bet at this stage, when the number of teams is limited, without much research. When we look at the major options on hand for placing bets, besides the obvious NBA Championship, won last year by Golden State Warriors, there is still time to pick on the Western and Eastern Conference winners. Therefore, we take a look at two teams each that are more than likely to end up at the top.

Western Conference – Golden State Warriors

As for returning champions, the Golden State Warriors are playing with the added pressure of retaining their title. However, even if that is true, the Warriors have not let it show in the way they are dominating the Western Conference. Leading the points table, they are by far a favorite with bookmakers and have 4/11 odds to their name. For a punter though, it is always advisable to read up on NBA odds tips for the best offers on hand and a breakdown of upcoming games by pundits.

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The cool thing about betting on basketball is that you can directly translate your knowledge and passion of the game and your favorite teams and players into smart bets that should produce the maximum amounts of winnings for whatever you happen to bet. Luck is a big part of any kind of gamble, of course, but any sort of sports betting is designed to give you back some control, thus also making sure that rather than a literal crap shoot, you’re not throwing away your hard earned cash on dumb luck.

Knowledge about the game is one thing, of course, but when betting, taking a holistic approach and looking at the best betting sites, welcome bonuses, odds on offer, and predictions, is a must as they can both heighten your chances of winning while also giving you the safest betting environment possible. After all, you don’t want to place a perfectly considered bet on a site that is anything less than 100% reliable.

Eastern Conference – Milwaukee Bucks

The last time the Bucks won the title was in 1971, so they sure have something to prove. So far, they are leading the points table of the Eastern Conference with a total of 60 wins, more than any other team in the group. No wonder then, they are a favorite with bettors and the bookies have them listed at 23/17 odds. The thing about the Bucks is that they like to win big. They pop up a few times in the largest winning margins in NBA history list. Plus, the way they are playing against the Pistons right now, we can probably expect some more huge wins from them shortly.

Western Conference – Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets wouldn’t have been the most obvious choice when the present season started, and they do have the Warriors leading the pack, but that is not to say the team isn’t capable of aiming for the top spot. Bookmakers have them at 18/1 for winning the Western Conference. This one is a bit of a long-shot especially since they presently stand at 1-1 after the first two games with the Spurs. Still, stranger things have happened, and all it takes is a couple of bad plays by the Warriors for the Nuggets to enter the Finals.

Eastern Conference – Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors have the best two-way player in the league, and they have a great defense. Even though is 1-1 vs. Sixers, I still expect that the Raptors win this series.

The most important factor will be the injury of Embiid and can he play all games in the series. My prediction is Toronto in 6 or 7.