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10 NBA Players That Should Play Overseas Next Season

If you’re a foreign player in the NBA you need to be extremely good in order to get actual playing time, as well as being able to successfully make the adjustment to the pace, the lifestyle and workloads needed to become a reliable NBA player.

Most foreign players enter the league with the stigma of being slow, unathletic or bad defenders, and more often than not, they don’t succeed and have to head back to their homelands to get minutes and continue their careers.

Other times, US-born players also need to make their bags and head overseas just to be able to dominate again and get their confidence back so they can make a comeback to the league, or just need to cash as much money as they can considering no NBA team is going to be willing to offer them a lot of money.

Today, we’re going to let you know about 10 players we believe their NBA careers are over, and that should just play overseas next season.

10. Jose Calderon

usa_today_10343765.0 (1)

The veteran Spaniard has had a hell of a run in the NBA, but besides his Toronto Raptors years, the fact that he’s still in the league at age 36 is a huge surprise considering he’s hasn’t truly been a factor since 2013 and he’s one of the slowest players in the league and has lost most of his shooting stroke as well.

Calderon is nearing towards the end of his career, and he would be way much better off playing at his native Spain, being a part of his nation’s greatest basketball generation and having the chance to actually play.

9. Timofey Mozgov

Timofey Mozgov Nets

Timofey Mozgov is already an NBA Champion and got paid a lot of dough during his failed Los Angeles Lakers tenure, so he can already brag about making it in the toughest league in the entire world.

Nonetheless, he’s the kind of big man that the league has no use anymore for, and nobody’s going to offer him much money after barely seeing the hardwood at all this last couple of years, so he should just go back to his native Russia and dominate on a league more suited for his skill set.

8. Omer Asik

Not so long ago, Omer Asik was considered to be a defensive standout and a very dominant rebounder, although his limited offensive skill set and lack of awareness in the offensive end of the court made his career stall a lot.

Also, after struggling with several injuries and being sidelined for a very, very long time, Asik should also go back to Europe and enjoy the last passage of his career as a back-to-the-basket below the rim kind of player.

7. Boban Marjanovic


Boban Marjanovic has been quite impressive during his first couple of years in the league, and not just because he’s significantly bigger than everybody else on the hardwood, but because of how productive he’s been despite playing limited minutes.

Still, he’s extremely slow defending the pick and roll and doesn’t get enough playing time, and he could be a major factor for a FIBA team and dominate Eurobasket should he decide to call it a day and head back to Europe.

6. Georgios Papagiannis


Just a couple of years after being drafted 13th overall by the Phoenix Suns and immediately dealt to the Sacramento Kings, the team decided to waive Papagiannis and he signed a 10-day contract with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Georgios is still just 20 years old and has a lot of upside as an old-fashioned center, but his limited skill set, lack of shooting stroke from deep and defensive struggles make him a huge bust for the NBA, so the Greek young man should go back to his homeland.

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5. Alex Abrines


Alex Abrines has shown glimpses of a sweet shooting stroke with the Oklahoma City Thunder but hasn’t been able to be a consistent contributor for the team’s offense, as well as being a huge defensive liability at the 2 spot.

Abrines was called to replace Andre Roberson in the team’s starting lineup but failed to live up to the task, and he would be better off in Europe trying to guard slower and less talented opposition.

4. Shabazz Muhammad

Shabazz Muhammad has to be one of the league’s biggest draft busts on the decade, and he just keeps on racking DNP-CDs with the reinforced Minnesota Timberwolves upon Jimmy Butler’s arrival this season.

Muhammad has talent but hasn’t improved a bit on his game, and he could be better off on a less demanding league getting paid a lot of dough, so he should just pack his bags and go to China.

3. Alexis Ajinca


Alexis Ajinca hasn’t even played a single minute this season due to injury, and truth to be told, most people don’t even remember he’s a part of an NBA roster at this point of his unsuccessful career.

Ajinca is slow, unathletic and a terrible rebounder for a player his size, and he just doesn’t have what it takes to become a productive role player in this league, so he should go back to France to try and get some money before retiring.

2. Arron Afflalo

Arron Afflalo, Magic

We always felt like Arron Afflalo had way more left in the tank and that he was keen to become a top-tier scorer in this league, but he constantly failed to take that next step in his career and is looking more like an ex-player at this stage of his career.

Still, he’s proven to be an efficient scorer and a player that can contribute in several areas of the stat sheet, so he could have a very successful season should he decide to leave the States and join the US-born player in China club.

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1. Derrick Rose

10 NBA Players That Should Play Overseas Next Season Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose seems determined to prove his haters wrong, but he’s been saying that for years and we haven’t seen anything that could slightly convince us that he’s actually capable of even being healthy and productive despite being just 29 years old.

Rose should just give up and go to China where he could dominate the league like Brandon Jennings and Jimmer Fredette did, trying to get his groove back to see if he’s ever able to make a comeback to the league for a contending team.