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You Won't Believe What Robbers Stole From Charlie Villanueva's Home In Dallas


Being an NBA pro basketball player has many advantages and perks.

Even with those perks, however, it can't always save them from the sins of their fellow man. For Dallas Mavericks forward, Charlie Villanueva, he recently found that out the hard way.

On Tuesday night, the NBA veteran came home to find out he'd been robbed. And, strangely enough, it was what they robbed that grabbed national attention over the following hours. Among other things, the thieves ran off with Villanueva's toilet. Yeah... his toilet.

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Upon discovering the unusual crime, Charlie took to Twitter to rant about the unfortunate situation.

Nobody is sure why the robbers chose to take the toilet. Were they trolling him? Did it have a gold-plated seat? Who knows...

Regardless, this isn't something we see every day. As far as the investigation is concerned, Villanueva admitted that the cops were making significant progress, thanks to the support of Twitter.