Who Is The Best Uncle Drew After Kyrie Irving?

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Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Uncle Drew webseries -- now being turned into a movie -- that was produced as an advertisement for Pepsi and starred then-Cavalier point guard Kyrie Irving was a viral success when the first video was released back in 2012.

In summary, the short series involved Kyrie -- later joined by Kevin Love and Nate Robinson -- dressing up as an old man, heading to a public court, joining in a game and proceeding to play like garbage. Once the other players and the crowd believed Kyrie -- or 'Uncle Drew' as he was called -- wasn't a very good basketball player, Irving turned it up to 11, performing ankle-breaking dribble moves, acrobatic layups, and even dunking the ball.

The Uncle Drew series can, at least in part, be attributed to Kyrie's surge in popularity since he entered the league, as the Pepsi endorsement thrust him onto the international stage. But what if another NBA point guard had been given the job to dress up as Uncle Drew?

Wonder no more, as we have 12 of the best point guards in the NBA donning the black hoodie and grey hair below if you ever questioned what Derrick Rose would look like as Uncle Drew.

Mike Conley


Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker

Kyle Lowry


Tony Parker


Rajon Rondo


Damian Lillard


Chris Paul


Derrick Rose


John Wall


Isaiah Thomas


Russell Westbrook


Steph Curry