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What Ray Allen Was Doing During Paul Pierce's Jersey Retirement Ceremony


It's no secret that Ray Allen and the infamous Boston Celtics' big-three aren't exactly on the best of terms. The bitter feelings stem from Allen joining the Heat back in 2012, who were considered big rivals of the Celtics at the time. Allen's former teammates never truly forgot what they considered to be a betrayal, and the relationship is now pretty much irreparable.

To prove that point, look no further than tonight's jersey retirement of Celtics legend Paul Pierce. A lot of folks were in attendance; Doc Rivers, Rajon Rondo, and even Kevin Garnett. But where was Ray Allen? Golfing.

Now, considering Ray Allen and his Boston teammates won a championship together, you'd think there'd be at least a slight chance he might go to the retirement ceremony.

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Not only was he not there, but he had no shame in letting other people know he wasn't. Truly speaks volumes to a wrecked relationship