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We Finally Know Who Are The Hackers Of NBA Player Accounts

Credit: The Ringer

Credit: The Ringer

Kristaps Porzingis recently said that his account was hacked when he was sleeping, and someone posted about Los Angeles Clippers.

Draymond Green said that Kristaps Porzingis is lying because he already had social media experience.

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"Listen, man. I had an episode on social media this summer, and the first thing I said was that I was hacked. Then I thought about it and I said, I wasn't hacked," Green said. "Kristaps, I'm sorry, but no one believes you. You weren't hacked. You're trying to go to the Clippers."

He added: "Kristaps, you lyin', bro. You weren't hacked. Maybe you was drunk, and your true feelings came out, and you tweeted your true feelings. But you weren't hacked, my man. Trust me."

Check who keeps hacking NBA Players. Great video by The Ringer.