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Watch: Carmelo Anthony's Return To New York City


No matter how bad Carmelo Anthony's tenure in The Big Apple ended, the connection he shared with the city is undeniable. He wanted to be a New Yorker from the beginning and has relished in the city since his arrival.

New York, even through its mixed emotions, felt mostly the same way. He brought a basketball revival to Madison Square Garden, the likes of which the city hadn't seen in years. The rest, well, the rest of history. It ended in a fireball of smoke, with Phil Jackson bringing an end to the partnership, and Anthony was finally traded to OKC before the start of this season.

Saturday night marked Melo's first trip back to the Garden since the trade. And, as you might expect, things got pretty intense. Check out the tribute the Knicks gave to Melo before the start of the game.

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