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Warriors Take A Huge Shot At Laker Coach Luke Walton Before Tonight's Game


It's no secret that Los Angeles Laker head coach, Luke Walton, used to work for the Golden State Warriors.

In fact, Walton's performance coaching the Dubs in Kerr's absence is probably what landed Luke the job in the first place.

Obviously, both sides are evidently on their own paths now, but it hasn't stopped the Warriors from... reconnecting with their old coach. Before tonight's game, Golden State left Walton a hilariously shady note, that may be a candidate for roast of the year.

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For those that don't know, Walton is only the second interim head coach in recent Warriors' history. Coaching for 43 games a few seasons ago, his job performance at the time garnered attention from a myriad of NBA teams. But, as luck would have it, Mike Brown has coached only 12 games as interim head coach, going 12-0 in that span... meaning he has Walton beat in total winning percentage.

The rest is pretty cut-and-dry, so there's no need to get into too much detail. But the fact that the Warriors took the time to make this gesture is pretty funny within itself.