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Twitter Goes Crazy After Dwyane Wade's Wife Details Their Weird Bedroom Experiences


Well, this is certainly an interesting story.

Dwyane Wade's wife Gabrielle Union was a guest on Sway in the Morning, a morning radio show hosted by rapper Sway Calloway, and the topic of conversation was far from mundane.

A lot of questions revolved around sex for some reason, and mid-way through the interview, Sway asked Union when the first time 'she ate butt' was. Listeners may have been taken aback by the candid question, but Gabrielle was an open book surprisingly. What's more surprising though is the fact she may have just outed Dwyane Wade as a man who enjoys the fetish.

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May have been a case of TMI, but I digress.

Understandably, the NBA Twitterverse had a field day with these comments, just check out some of the best memes below.


Twitter never fails to disappoint with weird clips like these, and they certainly lived up to expectations with this one.

You can only assume that Wade will be the butof a few jokes in the Cavaliers' locker room next game after his wife just admitted he's into some nasty stuff in the bedroom as well, believe that.