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Top 8 NBA Players We Would Like To Have A Beer With

Top 8 NBA Players We Would Like To Have A Beer With

NBA athletes work around the clock and stay out late in the gym in order to stay in shape and ready for competition and perform at the highest of standards, being used to work out since their early years on their way to stardom.

Nonetheless, some guys aren’t as disciplined and enjoy a more hedonistic lifestyle, constantly hitting the club to celebrate after a victory, a Championship or just because they feel like doing it, constantly making the headlines for the wrong reasons.

And considering how much money those guys make at the end of the month, things can quickly get out of hand when celebrating or treating themselves, becoming party monsters that can make a small town have the time of their lives at a party.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top 8 former and current NBA players whom we’d like to have a drink or go clubbing with, hoping they read it and decide to buy us a drink or two.

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson has made a name for himself as one of the best two-way players in the league with his outstanding backcourt defense and incredible ability to rack up three pointers and shoot lights out.

But, perhaps he’s even more known for his epic partying, and as a California native and a rich kid growing up, we’re sure that he definitely knows how to enjoy himself and treat his buddies big time.

James Harden

Harden has managed to be the second best player in the Association, becoming an outstanding playmaker while also being the best shooting guard in the NBA at this point due to his offensive versatility.

And more than that, he also knows how to take a lot of shots and "party like an animal" in Vegas, so let’s hope he one day becomes an NBA Champion and he invites us to the MGM or the Caesar Palace to have the time of our life.

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Clippers hosts the Preseason Ballers Ball at TAO Nightclub on Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 in Las Vegas. (Photo by Powers Imagery for TAO Nightclub/Invision/AP Images)

Photo by Powers Imagery for TAO Nightclub/Invision/AP Images

Griffin is once again left alone at the Staples Center after Chris Paul’s departure to play alongside James Harden and the rest of the Houston Rockets, signing a very lucrative deal to stay as the Clippers’ franchise player.

So he could use some of that money to celebrate his new deal, as he’s been known for being very active on social media while partying on tour to some very mystic and incredibly beautiful destinations.

Dwight Howard

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Howard’s career has practically come to an end, and even if he’s still a very productive player, he’s not worthy of a big deal anymore in the modern NBA, besides being a very soft guy with a poor temper.

And one of the main reasons why nobody has taken him seriously is because he doesn’t take himself seriously either, constantly partying and staying late after hours and even being involved in sexual harassment scandals.

Allen Iverson

Iverson is no questions asked one of the 5 most talented players to ever lace them up, scoring in bunches, setting his teammates up and posterizing everybody that dared to try and stop him, completely reinventing the way the crossover was done.

But, this guy wasn’t the most hard working guy on the roster, and he was even known for skipping practice to go out clubbing and to strip clubs, and he still enjoys that lifestyle as he shows on his social media.

Of course, after 5-6 shots we will talk about practice, why not.

Charles Barkley

Chuck was one of the most dominant players of his era as a very fierce competitor that could beat pretty much every single defender despite being significantly undersized for his position, making him even more impressive.

Still, his work ethic wasn’t exactly elite, as he was a very known drunk that struggled with drinking issues for most of his career, even showing up to games after having drinks with his buddies during the day.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is, hands down, the best player in the history of basketball, being as dominant on defense as he was on offense on his way to 6 NBA Championships alongside Scottie Pippen and his Chicago Bulls.

And, who wouldn’t want to hang out with the best player in the history of this game? Besides, being a known gambler and partier, you know you’re in for a treat if you take a drink or two with his Royal Airness, who really enjoyed to go to Vegas and waste a lot of cash.

Dennis Rodman

Rodman was one of the best defenders in the history of this game as a very dominant presence in the paint that was willing to put his body on the line just to get a rebound or stop anybody from scoring at all costs.

But we all know this guy is crazy and if you don’t believe us, just google his wedding pictures. So, if you want to have a very bizarre evening that you may not ever forget, this is the guy you should contact.