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Top 8 Funniest Tweets About LeBron and Lonzo's Secret Conversation After Their Game


The Cavs-Lakers matchup last night was easily the most hyped game of the night, maybe even the week, as it was the first time we'd get to see number two pick Lonzo Ball go up against LeBron James.

The game was only made that much better amid all the rumors floating around regarding LeBron's playing future next year, with the James a big FA target for Los Angeles next summer.

Leading up to the game, a few mind games were played by LeBron, as he refused to speak to the media before the game, something he's never done before. Also, a video surfaced of LeBron visiting a sick child in hospital the day of the matchup, with the kid asking James to "dunk on Lonzo tonight," something which unfortunately never occurred.

The theatrics continued after the game finished as well, with LeBron catching up with Ball as the buzzer sounded, and covering his mouth with his jersey to speak to Lonzo, preventing any cameras -- and professional lip readers like myself -- eavesdropping into the conversation.

No one knows what was said during that convo, but that didn't stop Twitter from tearing the two to shreads as usual.

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