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Top 7 NBA Appearance Transformations

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When you're in the NBA for as long as some players have been, it's not a surprise that some of them decide to change their looks -- usually their hairstyles -- as the years go on. It's very rare to see a player go his whole career with the exact same look for 15-20 years, especially in today's day and age.

Players seem to get more comfortable with themselves the more years they spend in the league, and that -- coupled with the amount of money they're earning -- lead to players drastically changing their looks, either in the gym, in the tattoo parlor, or in the hair salon.

Here are seven of the most drastic NBA transformations.

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7. Kevin Love

6. C.J. McCollum

5. Anthony Davis

4. Gordon Hayward

3. Steven Adams

2. Marc Gasol

1. Chris Andersen