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Top 50 Worst Nicknames Of LeBron James

Top 50 Worst Nicknames Of LeBron James

LeBron James is the best player in the world, but many fans don't like him because... he is the best player in the world, I guess?

Someone talks about his flops, someone talks about his assists when is the most important (why he doesn't shot), someone talks about his recruitment and that he is the GM of Cleveland Cavaliers, and someone simply hates him because he went to Miami and back in the Cleveland after they have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

Today, we will show you top 50 worst nicknames of LeBron James from the Twitter.

LeBad James

LeBust James

LeButt James

LeButthole James

LeChode James

LeCrap James

LeCramp James

LeDork James

LeDumb James

LeDummy James

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LeESPN James

LeFail James

LeFlake James

LeFoul James

LeFraud James

LeGirl James

LeHype James

LeJerk James

LePiss James

LeSuck James

LeTrash James

LeFake James

LeJackass James

LeClown James

LeBozo James

LeComplain James

LeCrabDribble James

LeBrick James


LeFlop James

LeFlop James

LeCrybaby James

LeCrybaby James

LeChocke James


LeDiva James 

LeDouche James

LeDunce James

LeEgo James

LeFart James

LeFool James

LeGarbage James

LeHairline James

LeHorrible James

LeJoke James

LeJudas James

LeLoser James

LeNoHair James

LeSteroid James

LeLeave James

LeLoss James

LeOld James

LeOverrated James

LeQuitter James

Credit: SBNation