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Top 5 Worst Players in NBA History

sun jue

When you think about the NBA, you think about professional athletes that play in the utmost top level of basketball, especially in the NBA where the best product of basketball players are playing at. The NBA is filled with great players, players that make history in every game they play in. You got guys like Stephen Curry, who can shoot the 3 like its target practice. Isaiah Thomas, who can lay it up over the tallest players in the league at only 5’9. Anthony Davis, who can spread the floor, by shooting the 3 and drive the paint to dunk it home. These are just a few of the most talented NBA players that make the NBA the way it is today.

But, the NBA can have some downsides too. NBA fans from around the world have seen it all, from the best to the worst. If you want to become one of the elite players in the NBA, you must be able to turn some heads, and that all starts in college ball or overseas. But once in college, many players dream about being in the NBA. So, they play their hearts out day in and night out. Once deciding to join the NBA Draft, there is no going back. By joining the Draft, you have shown the NBA your true talent, and you gave them your all. Now, it is up to an NBA franchise to select you and give you a chance of a lifetime.

Some have been playing great, and helping their current teams win ball games, like a current rookie, Joel Embiid who is the 76ers star player averaging 20.2 PPG, 7.8 RPG and 2.1 APG. He is doing all that only in his rookie season. Give him a few more years, and he will be one of the best centers to play the game. But not all rookies have great seasons like Embiid, there have been NBA players that have had horrible seasons, so horrible that they couldn’t stay at the NBA level. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the worst NBA players of All-Time.

5. Chris Jent 

PPG: 6.2

RPG: 2.7

APG: 1.3


Chris Jent has only played in 6 regular season games in just 2 NBA seasons.

Three with the Houston Rockets

Three with the New York Knicks

Oddly enough, Jent has some playoff experience. Jent played in 11 postseason games with the Rockets and won an NBA Title by only sitting on the bench back in 1994.

After his disappointing NBA career, he went on to join the Philadelphia 76ers in the ’03-04 season as an assistant coach.

The next season, he joined the Orlando Magic also as an assistant coach. And then he was appointed as an interim head coach for the final 18 games for the Magic. Head coaching record stands at (5-13).

4. Cherokee Parks

PPG: 4.4

RPG: 3.6

APG: 0.6


Not much from Parks, although he does have the WORSE NBA name in NBA HISTORY.

The Duke Alum was drafted 12th Overall by the Dallas Mavericks in 1995, but that hasn’t lasted too long as he went on and played for 7 NBA Teams over his 10-year career.

’95-'96: Dallas Mavericks

’96-'98: Minnesota Timberwolves

’98-'00: Vancouver Grizzlies

'00: Washington Wizards

’00-'01: Los Angeles Clippers

’01-'02: San Antonio Spurs

’02-'03: Los Angeles Clippers

'03: Golden State Warriors

The most recent basketball activity regarding Parks is that he has been playing professionally in France since 2011.

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3. Keith Closs

PPG: 3.9

RPG : 2.9

APG: 0.3


Played for the Los Angeles Clippers from 1997 – 2000.

Closs, being at 7’3 was a decent shot blocker, but he did have poor work ethic.

Closs had an alcohol problem even before joining the Clippers in ’97 and he put up 3 DUI’s.

The only positive thing about his basketball career is that he does hold the NCAA D1 record in blocked shots per game at 5.87.

Rumor has it, Closs still plays ball in different leagues around the world.

2. Brian Scalabrine

PPG : 3.1

RPG: 2.0

APG: 0.8

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images


Drafted by the New Jersey Nets in the second round of the NBA Draft in ’01.

But it was in 2005 when the “White Mamba” signed with the Boston Celtics 5yr/$15M and went on to win an NBA Title in 2008 while sitting on the bench and never playing in a single playoff game. But the team did consist of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen. Whom all have retired, Pierce to retire at the end of the current season by signing with the Boston Celtics, to retire as a Celtic.

Scalabrine moved on with the Celts and signed with the Chicago Bulls in the 2011-’12 season.

Scal really never had the athletic body built to be at an NBA level.

Scal would then follow in the steps of #5 in the list in Chris Jent and went on to become an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors in 2013.

Scalabrine is currently an analyst with CSNNE for Celtics games and is working alongside with Celtics legend Tommy Heinsohn.

1. Sun Yue

PPG: 0.6

RPG: 0.0

APG: 0.2


Picked 40th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers back in ’07.

He wasn’t signed until the next season in ’08.

Yue may not be a name people think of when they think of the NBA, but some people who are die-hard Lakers fans DO KNOW who Yue is, and what he is known for.

Yue’s career highlight is when he committed 4 fouls, and 2 turnovers in just 5 minutes facing the Milwaukee Bucks in one of the regular season games.

After playing a little for the Lakers, he was then sent to the D-League before being waived by the team in ’09 after the NBA Finals.

Yue does have an NBA Title and he is the first Chinese player with one.

He then signed on with the New York Knicks but was quickly waived.

Yue currently plays for the Beijing Ducks.


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