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Top 5 NBA Players With Gang Ties In The Past

Top 5 NBA Players With Gang Ties In The Past

Major competitive sports and their leagues are full of overcoming situations, mostly from players, players who have known how to get over of tough childhood and episodes of violence or just having to grow up with broken families or toxic environments.

NBA is not exempt of this, as we have discussed several cases in which players saw an opportunity and took it instead of taking shortcuts to success in life, deciding not to emulate the behaviors they grew up surrounded by.

Even though several players are able to avoid these examples, there are others that have allegedly taken part in bad actions –or just being related to bad people, and even after they find money and success, they don’t seem able to shake off that kind of behaviors.

Many NBA players have been linked with a large number of gangs and today we are talking about the most notorious cases, given the fact that they’re perhaps the most famous ballers that have gone through something like this... These are five players with possible gang ties.

Monta Ellis

The Mississippi native counts with tattoos that look very suspicious in the eyes of many. Ellis has two tattoos on each arm: on the right one he has a GD and on the left, he has a 6-pointed star.

These two tats are obvious references to the Gangster Disciples gang that is still active in the native state of Ellis, Mississippi. There have been a lot of comments on this, but Monta has never addressed the situation –as if it’s much to say on this.

Stephen Jackson


Back in the day, Jackson used to wear a lot of red while on the court and he even admitted it was for a specific reason in 2005 in an interview with ESPN. He told Michael Smith details of his life and how he got involved with these people.

Jackson even admitted his brother was beaten to death when he was younger, a chapter of his life that definitely marked him. Drugs, guns and the usual things on this topic are the summary of Jackson’s testimony.

Zach Randolph

Photo Source: Bill Baptist/Getty Images

Photo Source: Bill Baptist/Getty Images

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Randolph’s case is one of the most famous in the league in recent years. Z-Bo was visited by MTV Cribs several years ago and inside his house, we could see various items with allusive images to the Gangster Disciples gang.

Randolph has been involved in several scandals related to gangs, drugs and guns. He was linked with the Portland gang knows as the “Hoop Family”. This group has been investigated by several crimes such as murder and even drug possession and distribution.

Caron Butler


Caron Butler’s journey hasn’t been easy, as the small forward didn’t have the best childhood or adolescence, as he got into a lot of troubles during these years. He has known how to overcome the bad situations in their life and had a very good run in the NBA.

He was arrested more than 10 times before playing ball at UConn. Butler even was caught with an unloaded gun and cocaine during his school days. Although he was arrested, he managed to assault a rival gang member. Luckily for him, he found the light in basketball, putting good numbers on the sheet and even winning an NBA Championship.

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Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo was linked with several gang members over 13 years ago, after many tapes were released during a “stop snitching” campaign; this campaign was launched by local Baltimore gangs in order to get people to stop helping the police with their investigations.

Well, after the campaign took a new level and some tapes were released, we were able to see Carmelo Anthony appearing in some of these videos, hanging with some of the most famous gang members at that time.