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Top 10 Youngest Players To Ever Record A Triple-Double In The NBA


The triple-double is one of the most amazing feats in the sport of basketball, and is slowly becoming more and more common as the league's pace increases.

No one thought that Oscar Robertson's record of averaging a triple-double across an entire season would ever be broken, but Russell Westbrook proved last year that it was definitely possible. With Russ leading the way, more and more players are tallying triple-doubles left, right and center, and just recently, another record relating to the triple-double was broken by none other than Lonzo Ball.

Ball tallied 19 points, 13 assists, and 12 rebounds in the monster game against the Bucks, becoming the youngest player to record a triple-double in the NBA, beating out LeBron James by a measly four days.

That got us thinking though, who are the other 8 players who either held the record before LeBron, or came close to holding it? Join us as we count down the top 10 youngest players to ever record a triple-double in the NBA.

10. Russell Westbrook - 20 Years, 109 Days (3/2/2009)


9. LeBron James - 20 Years, 100 Days (4/9/2005)

AP Photo/Gregory Smith

AP Photo/Gregory Smith

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8. Magic Johnson - 20 Years, 94 Days (11/16/1979)


7. Magic Johnson - 20 Years, 88 Days (11/11/1979)


6. Magic Johnson - 20 Years, 74 Days (10/28/1979)


5. John Wall - 20 Years, 65 Days (11/10/2010)


4. Lamar Odom - 20 Years, 53 Days (12/30/1999)


3. LeBron James - 20 Years, 22 Days (1/22/2005)


2. LeBron James - 20 Years, 19 Days (1/19/2005)

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1. Lonzo Ball - 20 Years, 15 Days (11/11/2017)