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Top 10 Tweets About Golden State's Pursuit Of LeBron James


Another day, another Twitter meltdown and meme-fest from the NBA community.

It was reported on Wednesday night by Chris Haynes of ESPN that LeBron James would 'listen' to talks with the Golden State Warriors if they decided to pursue him in free agency after this season. As expected, this caused one of the biggest uproars since -- ironically -- Kevin Durant's move to Golden State two years prior, and Twitter went to town as soon as the rumors started to spread.

Here are 10 of the best reactions from that night and subsequent morning.

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10. Kevin Durant On That Burner Account Again

9. *Turns Off Console*

8. "The Numbers, What Do They Mean?!"

7. KD Really Thinking About It

6. "What Now?"

5. "Hello, Goodbye"

4. LeBron Has It Allll Planned Out

3. What If We Clone Him Though?

2. Not Today!

1. "What Was That?"