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Top 10 Stats of NBA 2016/17 You Didn't Notice


We are almost half way of the season and we have many interesting stats of NBA 2016/17.

Do you know that LeBron James may have a Utah curse on his hands?

Who is the best scorer for Los Angeles Lakers? D'Angelo Russell or Julius Randle?

Which team has most 3PTS per game this season and who have more 3PTS, Trevor Ariza or Klay Thompson?

Here are top 10 stats you didn't notice this season.

1. Los Angeles Lakers have a bunch of young players, but the best scorer coming from the bench. Lou Williams is averaging 17.7 points, 2.3 points more than D'Angelo Russell (15.4 pts) and 4.0 more than Julius Randle (13.7 pts).

2. When we mention 3pts, everyone talks about Splash Brothers and Kevin Durant, but the Warriors haven't a best record in the league with 3pts per game.

Houston Rockets scoring 15 three-pointers per game, Cleveland 12.8, and after them - Boston Celtics 11.7 and Golden State Warriors 11.7.

Maybe the Warriors should add a veteran Ray Allen, so they can improve that record. Cleveland already did with Kyle Korver.

3. Which team has the most blocks per game? I know you will say Utah Jazz or maybe Miami Heat (Whiteside) or Los Angeles Clippers (Jordan), but that's not a true.

Golden State Warriors have most blocks per game, 6.3 per game. After them, New Orleans have 6.0 and San Antonio Spurs with 5.9 per game.

4. Jamal Crawford is one of the best ball handlers in the league, but he doesn't have good 3PTS %.

He has 31.8% from the downtown, and he should think about before shot 3PTS in the traffic (as he always does).

5. Which bench scoring the most points per game?

It's Los Angeles Lakers with amazing 49.0 points. After them, we have the Nuggets (42.4) and the Nets (42.3).

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But, who has the worst bench in the league right now?

Minnesota Timberwolves' bench scoring only 21.5 points per game. Very close is Washington with 23.4 points coming from the bench.

6. Kevin Durant is the best center for the Warriors this season. Don't you believe me?

He has more blocks per game (1.69) than Alex Len (1.5), Bismack Biyombo (1.38), DeMarcus Cousins (1.41) and Andre Drummond (1.26).

7. When someone asks you, who scored more 3PTS this season, Klay Thompson or Trevor Ariza, I guess you will say Klay Thompson? Nope. Check this.

Trevor Ariza (this season) is one of the best shooters from the downtown. He scored 113 three-pointers, same as Klay Thompson.

Ariza scored more than J.J. Reddick (100), Isaiah Thomas (98) and Damian Lillard (91).

He should say thank you, Mike D'Antoni.

8. Who has the most fouls per game this season? Try 10 times, and you will never guess who is that guy.

JaMychal Green has 143 PF so far. DeMarcus Cousins is the 2nd with 139, and after him, believe me or not, is Kristaps Porzingis with 133.

Also, the interesting fact is that Giannis has 119 (11th) and Kyle Lowry has 109 (24th).

9. Who leading league with the most minutes per game? Where is Luol Deng and Tom Thibodeau?

Kyle Lowry is averaging 37.4 minutes per game and I'm ok with that, but LeBron James is on the 4th position with 37.0 mins. Common, LeBron, keep your energy for the Warriors and the Eastern Conference (Irving and Love will take care, I guess).

10. LeBron James and the Cavaliers lost Tuesday night to the Utah Jazz, 100-92, a few nights ago.

The only difference with this loss is that James has now lost six straight games in Utah dating back to his second year with the Miami Heat.

After 13 games he’s only 5-8 against the Jazz. Someone could say, Utah is almost undefeated against LeBron.


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