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Top 10 Stats of NBA 2016/17 That Will Surprise You


Check Top 10 stats this season that will surprise you at all.

Who have more threes per game, DeMarcus Cousins or Russell Westbrook?

Who have better stats this season, Kyrie Irving or Stephen Curry?

How many years Derrick Rose didn't play in the All-Star Game?

Here are top 10 stats.

1. DeMarcus Cousins is hitting the same number of 3s per game as Russell Westbrook.

Cousins is shooting a career best from downtown; averaging 1.8 threes per game on shooting 38.0% (4.8 attempts) while Westbrook is averaging 1.8 threes on 32.5% (5.5 attempts).

2. Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry are amongst the best point guards in the NBA, but who has a better season so far?

Kyrie Irving: 23,9 PTS, 3.6 REB, 6.0 AST, 48% FG, 42% 3PTS, 2.3 threes per game, 2.5 TO, 23.00 PER

Steph Curry: 23.9 PTS, 4.2 REB, 5.8 AST, 46% FG, 40% 3PTS, 3.7 threes per game, 2.7 TO, 23.43 PER

What do you think, Kyrie Irving or Stephen Curry? They are so close, but I will select Stephen Curry because of Kevin Durant.

3. Derrick Rose was the MVP 2011, but his last All-Star was 5 years ago. This season, he is averaging 17.7 PTS, 4.4 AST with 4.1 REB, but is that enough to play in the All-Star game? Maybe John Wall, Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas have a better chance, but fans will decide.

4. Field Goal Percentage Leader is Rudy Gobert with 68.1%. The next 32 positions are centers, power forwards and small forwards. On the 34th position is Avery Bradley (SG) with 48.2% and (35th) Kyrie Irving with 48.1%.

Nick Young is also there on the 40th position with 47.7% FG. It's Swaggy P party this season!

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5. Isaiah Thomas is on the 5th place of the points per game leaders.

With 27.8 points, he is better than Damian Lillard (27.0 PTS), Kevin Durant (25.7 PTS), Kyrie Irving (23.9 PTS) and Stephen Curry (23.9 PTS).

Notice this: Kyrie Irving never averaged more than 23.9 points per season, even when he played without LeBron James. OUCH.

6. Brook Lopez is a starting center for the Brooklyn Nets, but he is averaging just 5.3 REB per game, same as Tony Allen and Chris Paul.

Three players have more rebounds pre game than Lopez, and that will surprise you: Ryan Anderson 5.4 REB, Nikola Mirotic 5.6 REB and Avery Bradley 6.9 REB per game.

Brook Lopez never averaged more than 8.6 REB per game. Is he the overrated a little bit?

7. Nick Young has 44.9% 3PTS this season. He has the best 3PTS % in the Los Angeles Lakers. Give him the ball when you need clutch threes, Walton!

8. You know Nikola Mirotic as the good 3PTS shooter and Chicago play with him at the stretch power forward positions because of the shooting skills. But, they have one problem.

Nikola Mirotic is on the 117th position with only 30.5% 3PTS per game. Even Emmanuel Mudiay is better than him with 31.8% per game.

Aaron Gordon has 31.9%, Marvin Williams has 35.5% and Serge Ibaka has 39.6% 3PTS.

9. Joel Embiid has a great season, but he is on the 5th position with 3.7 turnovers per game. On the list of 22 players, he is the only center there (Cousins is the power forward per ESPN).

10. Are you talking about free throw percentage shooting?

Do you know that Tobias Harris (4th, 90.9%) has the better % than Klay Thompson (88.9%), JJ Redick (88.8%), Kyrie Irving (87.6%) and Kevin Durant (86.2%)?

Think about it the next time when you see Tobias Harris at the free throw line.

We will update next interesting stats in the next few days.


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