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Top 10 Most Expensive NBA Player Houses


When it comes to life's luxuries, you'd be hard-pressed to find a multi-million dollar athlete who isn't a big spender.

From cars to fashion, NBA players love the finer things in life, and that also rings true for NBA player's homes. It's not uncommon for players to own multiple properties, as they're always moving around during the season. But which players have spent the most cash on their mansions? It has to be Kobe or LeBron right, with the amount of money they bring in with endorsements? Well, you'd be wrong, and ou may be surprised to see the extravagant figures some players fork out for a luxurious home, as we count down the top 10 most expensive NBA player houses.

10. Beno Udrih - $4.4 million (Seattle, Washington)


9. John Wall - $4.9 million (Rockville, Maryland)


8. Dwight Howard - $7.8 million (Longwood, Florida)

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7. Dirk Nowitzki - $7.9 million (Dallas, Texas)

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6. Chris Paul - $8.5 million (Bel Air, California)

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5. Dwyane Wade - $8.9 million (Miami Beach, Florida)

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4. LeBron James - $9 million (Coconut Grove, Florida)

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3. Chris Bosh - $9.4 million (Pacific Palisades, California)

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2. Kobe Bryant - $9.5 million (Newport Coast, California)

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1. Chris Bosh -- $US12.3 million (Miami Beach, Florida)

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