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Top 10 Kickass NBA Facts That You Never Knew

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Check Top 10 interesting facts you didn't know so far.

10. LeBron James - Michael Jordan

James’ listed height is 6 feet, 8 inches, but when he surpassed Michael Jordan’s 6-foot-6 height, he refused to be measured.

9. Spider-Man

As a child, Shaq fell from a tree while imitating Spider-Man and fractured both of his wrists.

8. Ray Allen

Ray Allen once dunked the ball in his own hoop following the tip-off as a high school senior.

7. Vince Carter

Vince Carter was a drum major in his high school band and was offered a music scholarship to Bethune-Cookman.

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6. Larry Owens

Larry Owens with the Washington Wizards was paid almost minimum wage. For an entire season, he only made $21,049!

5. Calvin Murphy

Former NBA star Calvin Murphy has 14 illegitimate kids by 9 women.

4. Caron Butler

Caron Butler said that as a kid, he was arrested 15 times before he turned 15 years old. He stayed out of trouble consistently afterward.

3. Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace finished his career with more blocks than fouls and more steals than turnovers.

2. Eddy Curry

Eddy Curry has a 100 percent three-point percentage.

1. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan recorded the largest divorce settlement of all time at $168 million. That’s a combination of salary endorsements and business ventures.


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