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Top 10 Interesting Facts About NBA Playoffs 2017 That You Can't Find

Top 10 Interesting Facts About NBA Playoffs 2017 That You Can't Find

The NBA playoffs this year have already had some amazing achievements, from Russell Westbrook's 50 point game and still lose against the Rockets in the first round, to LeBron James overtaking Kareem in playoff points. The Playoffs are always filled with historical moments that will last forever, we all remember the Warriors 3-1 lead, how could we forget we see it every day. But what facts have flown under the radar these Playoffs that you might have missed? Let's find out!

1. LeBron James is currently shooting 48.4% on three-point attempts. 

Who said LeBron was bad at 3's? Ever since game 5 of the NBA Finals last year The King has been on a tear in the Playoffs. He truly does go "Zero Dark 23"

LeBron's 48.4% is currently better than Kyrie Irving (28.3%), Klay Thompson (38.9%) and DeMar DeRozan (7.7%) yes, DeMar is shooting 7.7%.

2. Michael Jordan is the All-Time Playoff Leading Scorer

LeBron James passed Kareem for second in All-Time Playoff points scored, the only man he trails now is the "GOAT" Michael Jordan who currently sits at 5,987 points scored in the Playoffs. Expect LeBron to catch him before his season is done.

3. Steph Curry is the 51st highest paid player in the playoffs

Is it hard to imagine the two-time MVP and reigning MVP to not have a great contract right? Well, it's true! Steph Curry's contract currently sits him at rank number 51 in the playoffs, with people such as Bradley Beal, DeAndre Jordan and even Enes Kanter in front of him!

4. Isaiah Thomas is the shortest player in NBA history to record 50 points in the playoffs

On the night of what would have been his sisters birthday, Isaiah Thomas put up an amazing 53 points in overtime to beat the Wizards and give his Celtics a 2-0 lead. Standing at only 5'9 makes this accomplishment that much more amazing. Also, makes me feel pretty bad about my skills since I'm taller than him.

5. Nene shot 85% field goal percentage in the first round 

Weird, I know. But Rockets big man Nene was on fire in the first round of the playoffs. Shooting an amazing 85% from the field only missing 5 shots attempts! Including at game where he went 12-12! This man should get more playing time if he continues this stretch of basketball!

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6. Kawhi is the first player Spurs in franchise history to average at least 30 ppg in the postseason through 8 games, 30.3

Kawhi just keeps making history. Considering his playoff career high before this season was just 32 points it's quite incredible he's almost averaged that through the first round. However, he will need to dig deep to get his Spurs out of trouble and into the Conference Finals as Tony Parker went down with what looked like a potentially season-ending injury today.

7. Tony Parker has played the most NBA playoff games of active players with 220

Speaking of the little French man here he is! Out of all active players Tony leads the league in playoff games played with an amazing 220 games! A lot of those games were done with his duo at his side in Manu and Tim Duncan.

8. LeBron James and Manu have played the same amount of playoff games at 204

In case you were wondering who was next on the list after Tony here it is. LeBron James and Manu Ginobili are tied for second place for most playoff games played amongst active players with 204 between them each. It's hard to imagine LeBron won't get first with the amazing ability he has to get back to the Finals each year.

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9. Andre Iguodala is shooting 0% on threes during the playoffs (0-15)

Very unusual from Andre and even more strange since he's a Warriors player but it's true. Andre Iguodala has not hit a three-pointer during these playoffs and has gone 0-15 on attempts. Although this streak will likely end soon as he does play for the Warriors and they have an ability to hit 3's all day long, this is not the start I'm sure Iggy was looking for.

10. JaVale McGee scores more points per game (8.2) than Trevor Ariza (8.0), Danny Green (6.9), Andre Iguodala (6.6), (JR Smith (6.5) and Pau Gasol (6.4)

Tragic Bronson alert! JaVale McGEEEEE! (Shaq Voice) Hard to imagine I know, but JaVale is averaging more points these playoffs than the other players you see here. Maybe it's time we get the idea out of our heads that JaVale can't play and start to think he's a good baller? Maybe? Maybe. 8.2 points is nothing to scoff at.