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Top 10 Craziest NBA Team Records

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

If you want to make it into the NBA, you really need to stand up from the crowd, like REALLY be something else to actually make scouts even bother to try and see who the hell you are, something that takes a lot of hard work and of course, some luck.

The National Basketball Association is really where amazing happens, and you’re in for a treat on a nightly basis, with a game that happens so fast that in the blink of an eye, you could be witnessing a huge milestone or an incredible play.

Over the course of history, some of the best players in the world have left their blueprint in this beautiful sport, achieving things that may seem impossible and put their signature in history books until another gifted athlete manages to overplay them. Today, we’re going to let you know about some of the craziest records in the history of the game.

10. Lowest Scoring

We should really be thankful for not having witnessed this game in an era where there wasn’t even a shot clock featured yet, which allowed the Fort Wayne Pistons to beat the Minneapolis Lakers just 19 to 18, with just 2 different players scoring for the Lakers.

Could you just imagine that? I’d fall asleep after half a quarter, you can take that for sure.

9. Most Technical Fouls In A Season

If you remember the last Detroit Pistons team that won the Championship, you’ve got to remember how fiercely, physically and harsh their game was, especially when it came to Rasheed Wallace. Wallace was one of the most emotional players this game has ever seen, and he had a tendency to be extremely loud and vocal against opposing referees, earning 40 technical fouls over a one season span.

Not cool, Rash... but ball don't lie!

8. Most Consecutive Ejections

And if you thought Rasheed Wallace’s record was unimpressive, you’ve got to hear about Don Boven, a player that apparently preferred to watch the games from the sidelines instead of actually playing. See, back then in the 51-21 campaign, the Milwaukee Hawk (yeah, this was way back in the day) got called for 6 fouls in 6 consecutive games.

Perhaps he just wanted to watch games and didn’t have enough money to buy the tickets, who knows?

7. Longest Game

During that very same 51-52 campaign, the NBA witnessed yet another impressive record, when the Indianapolis Olympias faced the Rochester Royals and had to play 6 overtimes (as much as one hour and 18 minutes) to take home a 75-73 victory.

Reports state that nobody could buy a bucket if their life depended on it, with the grand total of 18 points scored in all those 6 overtimes combined.

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6. Most Fouls In A Game

If you wanna talk about dirty plays, you better run to youtube and search for the Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns matchup on April 9, 1990; where John Stockton was ejected alongside 3 other Jazz players due to 6 fouls each and a combined team total of 54.

The Suns eventually wind up taking a 119 - 115 victory in one of the most bizarre games you’ll ever see.

5. Most Teams Played for

A Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki or Tim Duncan kind of a player comes one in a lifetime, and we’re not just saying this because of the talent, but also the loyalty.

Of course, to spend your entire NBA career in one team depends on a lot of factors, but we believe these players really took it up a notch by playing for 12 different franchises through their NBA stints: Joe Smith, Jim Jackson, Chucky Brown and Tony Massenburg.

4. Worst Record To Reach The Postseason

If you think the Eastern Conference sucks nowadays, you should’ve seen it back in the 50’s where the NBA was dominated by just a couple of teams and the others were. Just the rest.

So, in a season that would make the Charlotte Bobcats-Hornets, Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets proud, the 1950-51 Baltimore Bullets actually reached the postseason with a horrid 16-54 record until the New York Knicks swept them with great ease.

3. Most Consecutive Free Throws

This is by far one of the most impressive records and so far, not Nash, Not Curry, Not Redick and not even James Harden have been able to surpass it.

Back then in 1993, Michael Williams recorded his 97 consecutive freebies without missing from the charity stripe, and even though we may see this record fall anytime soon, this one has to be one of the most impressive.

2. Most 3 Pointers Attempted

The NBA has leaned towards the perimeter more and more every day, with all offenses relying on pace and space, so you’d expect this record to be quite recent.

Still, this lousy record below to Damon Stoudamire during the 2005 campaign, over 10 years ago, where he decided to single handed bring his Portland Trail Blazers back from a 20 point deficit against the Golden State Warriors, attempting 21 three pointers but only connecting on 5 of them for a not impressive 23% from deep.

1. Biggest Win Margin

The Cleveland Cavaliers have never been much of a relevant team until now, but way back then in 1991 and led by Mark Price, the Cavs completely whipped the Miami Heat’s butts on a 148-80 win, making it the most humiliating defeat in NBA history with 68 points win margin. 

Of course, a Miami Heat squad that had just Glen Rice with not much help just couldn’t handle Price and Brad Daugherty, with as much as 10 different players scoring in double digits. The Heat was just horrible on defense with Cleveland shooting over 60% while they couldn’t score a bucket to save their lives.